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2014 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Posts

Picture1wefwe Geek Alabama New Year

2014 has been another great year here at Geek Alabama!  Over 300,000 people logged on to see what was happening!  And when you include the presentations on SlideShare, pins on Pinterest, photos and updates on Facebook and Twitter, and my videos on YouTube, over 500,000 of you saw what I did!  Impressive!  So, here are the 10 most popular posts on Geek Alabama in 2014.

I thank you all for coming to the Geek Alabama blog!  I tried to do some incredible things in 2014 and I wanted to highlight some of the lesser known posts that deserves some extra views!

Nathan Young’s Timeline In The Social Security Disability Process


I wrote this post after the folks at wanted to talk to people applying for Social Security Disability.  If you want to learn how the process is like, click the link!

These Are The Reasons I Am A Humongous Geek/Nerd


I was contacted by a company asking me why I am a geek and nerd.  This post will explain why I like being geeky and nerdy!

Hub Network’s What’s the Hubbub? featuring My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is Tonight


Yep, I got to ask questions to Meghan McCarthy and Tara Strong in a Hub Network Google Hangout!  View the hangout by clicking the link!

No Matter What I Do, I Believe The American Dream Is Dead


I wrote this post for a Huffington Post series focusing on people who are doing things, without being paid very much.  Click the link to read my post!

Geek Alabama’s 3000th Post, Thanks For Being A Fan


In 2014, Geek Alabama crossed the 3000th post!  Click the link to read about this great and big milestone!

A Post Defending Breanna Mitchell And Her Auschwitz Selfie


A local girl here in East Alabama took a selfie at Auschwitz, that caused anger and went viral.  Click the link to read about why this is no big deal!

The UAB Football Situation Shows You The Major Corruption In Alabama


Yep, Geek Alabama also dives into the corruption inside Alabama.  The corrupt ending of the UAB Football program made a lot of news!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Save North Eufaula Avenue

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

My most shared social media post of 2014 was this about ALDOT’s plan to widen North Eufaula Avenue.  Too bad they got their way.

An Open Letter To Keith Maddox, And People Who Hates Cyclists Riding On Public Roadways


Another post that was shared by many on social media was this one about someone cussing out cyclists, and recording it at the same time.

Five Things That Should Be Required In Our Schools


I wrote posts about why dodgeball and corporal punishment should be banned, I feel like this post should get more looks!

I look forward to what 2015 brings for Geek Alabama and me editor/publisher Nathan Young!  I want to continue the mission of covering the events and happenings in NE Alabama / NW Georgia, and across Alabama, Georgia, and the country! Geek Alabama will also continue to provide reviews on products, businesses, shows, and much more! I will also continue talking about big topics in the news and geeky/nerdy topics as well! Geek Alabama is Social. Local. Smart, and I can expand in what I do in 2015!  Learn more about me Nathan Young by viewing my visual resume and video resume below!

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