Geek Alabama Event Coverage, Product Reviews, Contest Requests, And Submissions

Geek Alabama does event coverage, product reviews, and even runs some contests.  We love promoting things from other people and companies, but Geek Alabama also has a couple of guidelines to follow.

  • Event Coverage:  Geek Alabama home base is in Anniston, Alabama.  Anniston is located close and in-between Birmingham and Atlanta.  If an event is located a long distance away, Geek Alabama would need funding to cover the event which includes a car rental.
  • Business Coverage: Geek Alabama will accept gift cards to go and review a product at a business elsewhere.  Again, I would need the funding to travel for coverage which would include a rental car.  (unless the business is local to the Anniston / Oxford area)
  • Crowdsourcing Posts:  Please go to:
  • Guest Posts:  Please go to:
  • Product Reviews:  Geek Alabama does product reviews.  If you submit a product to be reviewed on Geek Alabama, I will do a written post with pictures along with a video uploaded to YouTube in most cases.  Geek Alabama will not do a product review if you are requesting we pay for a product.  To contact us for a product review, go to:
  • Contests / Giveaways: Geek Alabama will also do contest requests.  Geek Alabama will only do two contests at one time.  Geek Alabama will not pay for running a contest.  We would also love to review your product or show as well!  The sponsor will be responsible for shipping any and all prizing to each giveaway winner.  To contact Geek Alabama to run a contest, go to:
  • Review Materials: For physical items such as Products, Food Items, Toys, Games, DVDs, Lifestyle items, Cars, Trucks, or anything else, please email [email protected] for a mailing/shipping address. With certain exceptions (such as vehicles that are on loan), review materials will not be returned.

When Submitting Stuff For Geek Alabama:  Responses are not guaranteed.  All reviews on Geek Alabama will be honest, if I liked the event or product, I will write good things about it.  If the product is bad, or something bad happens in an event, I will talk about that as well, this is the honesty all readers come to expect.

Geek Alabama does accept paid (sponsored) posts, and certain paid reviews, Geek Alabama will not accept or talk about a product for people to buy and Geek Alabama gets a percentage of all products sold.  Learn more at: