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Geek Alabama is home to numerous segments!  We cover everything from reviews, weekend events, geeky/nerdy stories, technology news, cooking recipes, good news posts, videos, photos, weather news, crowdsourcing projects, roadscapes, local scene posts, and much more!  Below are many of the segments seen on Geek Alabama.  Keep in mind, we talk about more things other than these segments below listed.  Click on the picture to take you to that unique segment!

Geek Alabama AnimationRoadscapes Geek AlabamaGeek Alabama Music ThursdaysGeek Alabama Good News FridaysGeek Alabama Video RoundupGeek Alabama RewindGeek Alabama CrowdsourcingGeek Alabama DiscussionGeek Alabama Gaming ReviewsGeek Alabama Book ReviewsGeek Alabama TV ReviewsGeek Alabama Product ReviewsGeek Alabama Movie ReviewGeek Alabama BusinessGeek Alabama Weather AlertGeek Alabama Weekend PlansGeek Alabama 7 QuestionsGeek Alabama Evening PostGeek Alabama Game of WeekGeek Alabama TrainscapesGeek Alabama Shape Up!Geek Alabama Georgina ChroniclesGeek Alabama App ReviewsGeek Alabama Food ReviewsGeek Alabama Tech ReviewsGeek Alabama Crowdsourcing MorningsGeek Alabama Pets of the WeekGeek Alabama As Seen On TV ReviewsGeek Alabama YouTube Spotlight

For any posts not listed under a segment, a special banner will be used at the top of the post.  It makes posts easier to be found on search engines like Google!


Geek Alabama is also home to unique segments like A Guy’s Cuisine, The Southern Geek, Aspie Vlogs, GeekNerdPoly, Traffic Light Pixels, Big Signal Labs, Geeks Helping Others, and Geek Alabama Christmas!  Click on the pictures below to take you to that unique segment!

Aspie Vlogs Logo The Southern Geek Logo Guy's Cuisine Logo   

GeekNerdPoly    Christmas 2015 Logo


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