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Here’s Hoping For A Season 2 of Bamazon; History Channel


I just finished watching the season 1 finale of Bamazon on History Channel.  And while I was hoping the Bama Boys would hit the motherload, and find a lot of gold; I felt bad for the guys.  Tim Evans and the guys had multiple problems in the 40+ days they were in the Guyana jungle.  Everything from a broken excavator, disgruntled worker, engines dying, medical problems, and who knows what else really held the guys back.  One thing I was thinking is why would the guys use a helicopter?  There are ways to use a helicopter to fly in the excavator and other big equipment instead of taking the expensive stuff through the jungle.  I guess the cost was too much.

At the end, the guys found 10 ounces of pure gold.  And at today’s prices the gold is worth around $17,000.  After all the expenses, how much did each guy take home?  Sure, I am sure History Channel payed each of the guys money for being on TV.  So at the end, the guys made some money but not enough to live a comfortable life.  And that is not good at all.  Tallapoosa County and Alexander City is suffering big time from all the job losses.  When Alex City has to pave its roads with tar and gravel, that is a sign of a city in big trouble.  I wrote this post titled why East Alabama is in big trouble, click on the link to read it!

So History Channel, I and other people in Alabama would love to see a season 2 of Bamazon.  I am sure Tim Evans and the guys will do a much better job finding gold in the next season, if there is one!  This season was a great learning experience for the Bama Boys and I am sure they will have less breakdowns which will result in more gold!  This show as well as other Alabama based shows like Rocket City Rednecks is a good sign that people in Alabama can do a good job being on TV!

Speaking of reality shows from people in Alabama.  The writer of Geek Alabama, Nathan Young (that’s me!) was contacted by Danny Passman who is the president of Crybaby Media.  These people create, cast and sell reality shows.  They also find TV talent as well. After a e-mail and phone chat, I might be next person featured on TV from Alabama!  If you are new to Geek Alabama, during the week I talk about various topics.  And on weekends I go out and take pictures and videos of events!  Read my top posts of 2012 to learn what I do!

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