Learn How To Make Chicken Thai Basil From Thai One On

A new YouTube channel called Distinctive Dining uploaded their first videos featuring the restaurant Thai One On in Anniston, Alabama.  Chef Sam Sutchaleo, who recently became an American citizen, shows you how to make a popular dish found in Thailand.  This Thai food dish features garlic, chicken, fish sauce, Thai One On house sauce, bamboo shoots, carrots, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, Thai chili, and basil poured on top of white rice.

On top of the dish goes a fried egg and you have Chicken Thai Basil.  Watch the video below to see how to make this dish!


Roadscapes: The Stupid 22nd Street North New Traffic Pattern From ALDOT

I’m just going to file this under the stupidity category.  On May 31st, ALDOT closed down the 17th Street North exit along I-20 East / I-59 North in downtown Birmingham.  The ramp is now closed so it can be torn down and the new ramps built in the whole I-20/59 Bridge project.  Okay, we all knew this was coming, but what ALDOT did next is one of the craziest things I have seen from any DOT in this country.

They are now forcing all traffic on I-20/59 to exit at the 22nd Street North exit to get into downtown Birmingham.  If you are coming down 22nd Street North from the BJCC, you are no longer able to go under the Interstate and must turn either left or right at 9th Avenue North.

From ABC 33/40.

That’s not even the crazy part, the stupid part comes after you exit the Interstate onto the street.  From the Interstate to the 8th Avenue North, or the Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd., you are forced to stay in either side of two lanes with barriers going down the middle of the street.

From Google Maps

From ABC 33/40.

You can imagine what this has caused.  Traffic getting off going South or West must go either straight or left.  Going North or East, traffic must go either straight or right at Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd.  Does ALDOT really think traffic will follow the new traffic pattern and not see cars crossing over to turn right over an lane going straight or a car turning left crossing over to turn left over an lane going straight?  ABC 33/40 reporter Lauren Walsh caught multiple cars in a very short time crossing over that barrier and turning left or right and crossing lanes where cars can go straight.

And while Lauren Walsh was doing a live shot on the ABC 33/40 News, in only 15 seconds you saw two cars turning right and crossing an lane where cars going straight are doing so. (photos below from ABC 33/40)


So, does ALDOT love drivers getting into accidents or something.  This is one of the worst designs I have ever seen.  ALDOT did this because they did not want traffic backing up onto the Interstate.  But when I watched the liveshots today on ABC 33/40, traffic did not back up that much and I wonder why the traffic light at the bottom of the ramp was even turned off?

Okay, if you insist in keeping this horrible design that is going to get people injured and in wrecks, you could set up the traffic lights just like the end of Interstate 359 in Tuscaloosa.  Where the three lanes from the highway get a green light to make any turns, then the on ramp gets the green light to make any turns.

From Google Maps.

At the end of the day, this horrible and stupid design along 22nd Street North in Birmingham is not going to work, even if you put up all the signs and lane markings in the world to tell drivers which directions they can go.  Drivers are going to take the shortest and fastest route they can to get to their destination.  They are NOT going to loop around several city blocks and waste time because ALDOT designed something stupid.  You will continue to see cars cutting across lanes to turn left and right where cars can go straight, and accidents are going to happen!  Get this fixed, and now!

Pictures From The Poorly Run 2017 Knox Outdoor Music Festival

This was one event that I wished would have been better than the actual outcome.  If anyone is planning an outdoor event of any kind from May to September, you know that every day there is that chance of rain and thunderstorms.  The festival got started but quickly had to stop due to strong thunderstorms.  And their social media sites was very slow, over two hours long, to get the word out to what would happen with the event.  In fact, I had to send out information myself.

The event was moved indoors to Classic Too which was across the street from Classic on Noble.  And yes, there was plenty of confusion.  For about 10 minutes, I was running around because the people in the yellow shirts were telling me the venue was for “VIP” only.  Yes, I was almost not allowed to stay at the event, along with other people.  It took too long for the festival staff to tell the security people to let anyone with an wristband in.

And let’s admit it, Classic Too is not an great classic venue.  I give props to The Dexateens and St. Paul & The Broken Bones for performing in what was a corner in a small room.  I also give props to the photographer the festival hired and the lady from the Anniston Star for getting some good photos.  As for me, I got some photos but people were pushing their way closer and blocking my shots with their smartphones.

I mean, this is a popular blog with over one million views now, but people had no clue what “Geek Alabama” was and were pushing me back and back some more before I finally gave up.  That small room was super hot and stuffy and I went outside where it was raining which was also much cooler!  I also chatted with some security people in those yellow shirts about how the festival was not being run like it should.

So, next year I hope the Knox Concert people will learn from this and have a PLAN B!  Classic Too is not where concerts with big names should be held.  If the weather goes bad again I can think of other facilities like the Anniston City Meeting Center, community centers, or even the Anniston High School where the Knox Concert Series events happen.  I guess this is an learning experience for the Knox folks on how to run an outdoor event the right way.

Anyways, here are the few photos I took indoors.  I hope the 2018 version of the Knox Outdoor Music Festival is better run.  Learn more at: http://www.knoxconcertseries.org/knox-outdoors/ 

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!

Pictures And Video From The 2017 Do Dah Day Parade

Another event I covered was the 2017 Do Dah Day Parade.  This year the parade was smaller than I remember.  Do Dah Day started as a small party but it has grown through the years for all animal lovers to enjoy.  Do Dah Day is Birmingham’s oldest event and sees people from around the country converge on Rhodes and Caldwell Parks to enjoy fun, food, and music with their pets!  This event benefits the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and The Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation.

Below are a video and photos from the event, learn more at: https://www.dodahday.org/

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!

Pictures And Video From The 2017 US Canine Biathlon In Anniston

Another event that recently happened in the former Fort McClellan in Anniston was the 2017 US Canine Biathlon.  This event features a human and their dog going on a four mile obstacle course featuring things like crawling through a pipe, walking in a creek or mud, climbing over walls, and much more!

The event included live music, dog vendors, hiking trails, nearby camping, BBQ & food vendors, and professional photography.  The event mainly featured military, search & rescue, and police dog teams, but civilians were also allowed to participate!  Below are a video and pictures from the event!  Learn more at: http://info.amk9.com/uscaninebiathlon

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!