Learn More About The GetInsta App To Gain Instagram Followers And Likes

As you know, social media is just as popular as it ever was.  More and more people continue to sign up to various social media accounts every day and begin to create […]

Sunday Discussion: This Tuskegee Study Descendant Wants You To Get The COVID Vaccine

Welcome to Sunday Discussion. Each week, this post will feature a serious topic that needs to be featured and talked about. You can “discuss” it on your own social media networks as […]

The Evening Post: Abandoned – Memphis Pyramid

YouTube channel Bright Sun Films explores the Pyramid located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.  Along the Mississippi River and just outside the city center of Memphis sits perhaps the most out of place […]

See Video And Pictures From The 2021 Anniston Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

The 2021 Anniston Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast is in the books, and it was very different this year with all drive-thru take out orders. Organizers are hoping to raise money to provide low-income […]

Watch Sylacauga Native David Merlin On Penn & Teller Fool Us

Last night, Sylacauga magician David Merlin appeared on The CW show Penn & Teller Fool Us.  Below, watch his performance and see if he fooled them.  Plus watch David Merlin talk about […]

Foodie Saturdays: 24 Hour Overnight Cooking Challenge In My Old Restaurant

Welcome to Foodie Saturdays.  Each Saturday, Geek Alabama will make all foodies out there very happy when we feature a video or post all about food, eating food, or making food, let’s […]

The Evening Post: Josh Makes Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington With 7-Eleven Ingredients

From Mythical Kitchen, Josh is making Gordon Ramsay’s famous Beef Wellington with only ingredients found at 7-Eleven.  Yes, this is very interesting! Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

5 Low-Maintenance Grooming Tips For Busy Professionals

The opinion someone has of you, once formed, is difficult to change. That’s why making a good first impression is essential. To do so, you need to look your best. However, we […]

How To Better Your Life While In Lockdown

Practically most of the population is suffering under cabin fever or similar effects to it, thanks to being suddenly thrust in lockdown and quarantine conditions without being prepared for what such a […]

See How To Start A Business In One Year

While many people have ideas that could lead to success, very few of them will ever attempt to start a business of their own. This is unfortunate because, although it does require […]

3 Healthy Supplements To Implement Into Your Life

If you’re trying to make your health more of a priority this year, you may find it challenging to take the “right” supplements every day. While we should be attempting to get […]

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