Check Out The Vikings Season 4 Midseason Comic Con Trailer


Another popular show with the geeks and nerds is the History Channel show Vikings.  Season four has been split into two 10 episode halves.  The first 10 aired during the Spring, and the fans have been twirling their thumbs wondering when the other 10 episodes of season four will air.

Well, Vikings will return sometime this Fall, no firm date yet.  But I am willing to bet Vikings will come back in mid to late September or early October.  Today at Comic Con, a trailer to the rest of season four premiered.  Yep, expect a lot more battles and death, something that happened often during that time era, enjoy!

View The Walking Dead Season 7 / Fear The Walking Dead Mid Season 2 Comic Con Trailers


Today has been a big day over at San Diego Comic Con.  If you like The Walking Dead franchise, then you are going to enjoy these two trailers below!  The first trailer is the season seven Comic Con trailer to The Walking Dead.  Sorry, you don’t see who Negan kills with his Lucille bat.  But, you get to see a glimpse of The Kingdom!  And the introduction of Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.  The season will premiere on Sunday, October 23rd.  A little later than normal, that means the mid-season will end right before Christmas!

Also included is the mid-season two premiere of the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead.  Nick is wondering off deeper into Mexico in his zombie guts, not a good idea as he encounters gangs and people wanting to help others.  And the rest of the group are split off as most goes inside an oceanfront hotel.  The mid-season premieres on Sunday, August 21st.

Five Reasons Twilight Sparkle Would Make An Better President Other Than Trump Or Clinton


So this happened.  As you probably already know, last night during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Melania Trump delivered a speech that had some lines very similar to an speech made by Michelle Obama back in 2008.  In other words, the speech was plagiarized.  And when you were in school, the very first thing the teacher told you before writing that paper or delivering that speech was to not copy the words written by someone else.

While most are disgusted by what happened, some in the Republican Party seems to think plagiarizing is no big deal.  RNC Chief Strategist Sean Spicer went onto CNN to argue that some of the speech came from Twilight Sparkle.  That’s right, the cartoon horse princess who lives in Equestria and is the princess of friendship.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Of course, social media and the internet blew up after this interview and many were just laughing.  You saw an fan art version from DeviantArt of Twilight Sparkle on the CNN front page.  How much you want to bet that CNN did not get the permission from the person who drew that Twilight Sparkle?

Some from the show’s current and former staff were not too pleased.

And the voice of Twilight Sparkle, Tara Strong was really not happy!

I loved this Vine from Tara Strong telling everyone that plagiarism is not magic in her Twilight Sparkle voice.  Remember this kids while studying in school!

So this got me thinking.  There are many people out there who does not support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  We don’t trust Trump because of the many outlandish statements he has made in this campaign, like banning all Muslims.  We don’t trust Clinton because of those deleted e-mails.  And without another viable candidate, several people like me will simply not vote for president this year.  I will still go vote on election day because we have to vote for Congress members and local amendments.

What if Twilight Sparkle was an actual human being running for president?  No, I’m not talking about being a human in the Equestria Girls series.  I’m talking about being an real person on our planet and you see her on the news running for president.  What are the five traits you can expect from Twilight Sparkle running for president by watching her pony counterpart on the TV cartoon series?  Being the master geek that I am, I came up with five traits you can expect from Twilight Sparkle.



Twilight loves reading!  Before she undertook the study of friendship you saw her at the library or at home reading all kinds of books.  This means she has spent years reading about the history of Equestria.  If she was real, she would have spent years reading about the history of the United States and other countries in the world.  From a deep understanding of the Constitution to the history of the states, she would be prepared to deal with those who wants to be corrupt and take power away.



Another good thing while reading all of those books is she has gained great knowledge of the world around her.  If she was an actual human, she would have probably been a top learner at a major university like Harvard.  She would know how all aspects of government works.  And she would have the knowledge of the world around her.  If Russia decides to send their military somewhere, or if North Korea decided to send a nuclear warhead into the sky, she would know what to do to protect the American citizens.



In the cartoon series, Twilight is very organized.  From the books in the library to all the events on her calendar, you can expect to see every aspect planned from start to finish.  If Twilight was real here, her entire day would be planned to the tiniest detail from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed.  If she became president, her entire calendar would be planned with every detail checked probably by her, and not by The White House staff.



In the series, she is really good at teaching younger foals skills they need to learn for life.  From teaching unicorns magic to teaching Earth ponies valuable skills, foals around her are going to be better off around her!  If she was real, Twilight would inspire many kids not only in the United States but around the world.  She would continue to host events at The White House like the annual science fair.  Because smart kids means better adults down the road!



This is the most important trait!  In the cartoon series, before Twilight moved to Ponyville, she knew nothing about friendship.  Twilight has spent seasons learning every aspect about why friendship is important with bumps along the road.  Can we admit that crazy Twilight is really funny!


Twilight is now the princess of friendship, and she has a boat load of knowledge about how friendship works and how to resolve friendship conflicts before it leads to something worse.  If Twilight was real, she would take her vast knowledge of friendship to Washington D.C., where it’s really needed!  From corrupt politicians, people who are greedy, people who wants all the power, and other weird people, Washington is in need of an friendship intervention.  Twilight would be the one to fix Washington and its problems.

One thing I can agree with along with Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle would make a much better president than Trump or Clinton.  But we can’t vote for her, she’s a horse!

The Real Stephen Colbert Came Back; Will It Last


Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we got to see the classic Stephen Colbert who portrayed a character on the classic Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.  On the CBS show, you are seeing a real Stephen Colbert with a few funny bits like the Hungry For Power Games and Midnight Confessions, but ratings are having a hard time keeping up.

So I was thrilled when we saw Jon Stewart on the show last night.

Then we got to see the alter-ego character Stephen Colbert ride into the studio and bring back The Word.

And then we got to see a Hungry For Power Games segment where Stephen hijacked the Republican National Convention.

This is the Stephen Colbert I want to see!  After reading the reactions from others on social media last night, mostly everyone agrees, this Stephen Colbert needs to stick around, let’s hope that happens!  I liked the opening dance number too!

Support The American Red Cross WQSB Blood Drive At The Gadsden Mall


UPDATE: We are about done behind the scenes to get the Geek Alabama blog humming again.  For now, enjoy information about this community event!

Blood and platelet donations often decline during the summer months, making it difficult for the American Red Cross to meet hospital patient needs. That’s why Suburban Propane is partnering with the Red Cross as the official sponsor of its annual national summer awareness campaign. In order to increase donations, Suburban Propane will support the American Red Cross WQSB Blood Drives in Gadsden by providing an onsite cook-out and $10 VISA gift card to all who come give at the drive.

On Friday June 3rd from 10 am to 2 pm, and on Saturday June 4th from 1-7 pm, you can help support the community by donating blood.  Blood donations will take place in front of  Premier Cinemas in the Gadsden Mall.  The event will include representatives from Suburban Propane and the American Red Cross, as well as blood and platelet donors from the Gadsden area.

If you think blood donations are not that important during the Summer months, think about this.  The Red Cross relies on volunteer donors for the 14,000 blood donations needed every day to support patients at about 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide. However, during the summer months, about two fewer donors schedule an appointment to give blood at each Red Cross blood drive than what patients need.  Without adequate blood donations, life saving surgeries have to be put on hold.  And if someone in an accident needed blood, it could mean life or death.

This is just one of 37 Suburban Propane-supported blood drives across the country throughout the summerlong campaign.  As the official sponsor of the summer campaign, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, Suburban Propane employees will also volunteer at blood drives as part of one of the largest nationwide corporate volunteer efforts in support of Red Cross Blood Services. To learn more about Suburban Propane’s community involvement, visit