Mainstream Media Featuring Geek Alabama


Here are the appearances by Nathan Young and Geek Alabama on various major media outlets.  Contact by e-mail at [email protected], on Facebook at: or @nvyoung on Twitter for requests to appear on any media outlets from around the world!

Hub Network’s What’s the Hubbub – My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Hub Network’s What’s the Hubbub – Spooksville

Hub Network’s What’s the Hubbub – Kid President: Declaration of Awesome

Geek Alabama on ABC 33/40

Geek Alabama Atlanta Journal-Constitution Google Hangout

Riders on the Storm UAB Digital City Event

Geek Alabama on CBS 42

Geek Alabama on TV 24

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  1. Dear Nathan, I am a member of AVRAL in Blount County. I was just searching the web about the HB188, and came upon your blog page! (As u may know, Senator Scott Beason is really against this Bill and just recently made a comment on 100 WAPI radio, joking that he would “like to shoot a few cats”, etc…what a jerk! But “typical” for him, as he has made lots of deragatory remarks about “people”, as well, over the last few yrs…ie, “taking out the trash” on immigrants and calling black people “aboriginies”…sure is pathetic that he as a “Christian” and a government “representative” can pop off ignorant slurs like that and get by with it)! Anyway…I really love your page and am going to share it with lots of peeps! You are a true inspiration to me and I’m sure many other people around the state/nation! I love your little video about the HB188…THANK YOU! I’m sending it around. I haven’t gone all the way thru your page yet, but hope to do so as my time allows…I am very happy and proud of you going forward to get healthier and sharing your journey with others who have some of the same problems! Bless you, get healthier so you can stay with us for years to come, and keep up your wonderful work for justice for people and our animals!!! I believe you will go far in this world…and will be a beacon of light to the world…Keep doing what you love, and one day, the money will follow! Then u won’t have to worry about “finding a job”!! Kindest Regards, and Wishing you all the Best!! Lou Farmer