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Product Review: MicroTouch ONE Razor

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Admit it guys, how much does it cost to purchase those multi-blade razors.  They are certainly not cheap.  For me, I buy the cheap disposable two-blade razors that only cost around $3 for a 12 pack.  I was contacted a while back to review a product from Idea Village that will save all men a lot of money on shaving equipment.  Here’s the commercial you see on TV featuring Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars.

The MicroTouch ONE Razor is the modern version of the timeless classic razor.  After years of price increases from multi-blade manufactures, MicroTouch, a consistent top three grooming brand in the country, brings you the most affordable and effective razor option that professional barbers still prefer today – the single blade shave.

A substantial and precision crafted tool, MicroTouch ONE is made of solid brass and chrome plated to a beautiful, polished shine.  The ONE feels fabulous in your hand and, most importantly, glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life.  The ONE’s “butterfly” opening allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and whiskers after each shave.  Your blades last longer, and that saves you money.

So I got my MicroTouch ONE Razor kit in the mail this week and it comes with the razor and 24 blades.  I really like the kit the razor comes in.  It comes with a small mirror so anyone can shave on the go.

stuff 007stuff 010

Each blade is wrapped in a lot of paper.  I think that is a good thing because if kids got into this shaving kit, the chances for getting hurt would be less.  

stuff 011

All you do is place one Dorco Blade inside the razor blade chamber after you twist open the chamber.  After placing the blade inside, you close the chamber and you are all set!

stuff 015

Here is me before I shaved, yep, it was time for another shave.

stuff 016

And here is me after using the MicroTouch ONE Razor.  It normally takes me two cheap disposable two-blade razors to shave my entire face.  It only took one blade from this razor to shave my face!  And after rinsing, I can use the same blade again.  I also had no blood and cuts on my face after shaving with the MicroTouch ONE Razor.  And the shave was very comfortable and easy to my skin.  I recommend the MicroTouch ONE Razor to anyone who shaves, it gets a thumbs up!

To learn more and purchase the MicroTouch ONE Razor, go to:

NOTE:  I was provided with a MicroTouch ONE Razor kit for this review.

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  1. You and your readers should be aware that while the advertised price is about $20, the actual price with S&H (plus the “free” blades that have an additional S&H) bring it up to over $30. It’s not a bad razor but there are better values out there. Also, shaving with an old-school safety razor like this is not like shaving with a modern cartridge razor! You may have to unlearn some habits and learn the (simple) skill of shaving this way (there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve). I have a video about this razor and how to use it that might be useful to you:

  2. Yeah, most as seen on TV products always have a catch when selling products to make them a little more expensive. And I agree, you can find cheaper razors like this one on the market, but they are hard to find as most razors are the disposable kind. Using razors like the Microtouch One does save you money though, I like that! Thanks for commenting and for the video link!

  3. I just saw the Rick Harris commercial on TV for the Micro Razor, when I went to research reviews I found yours. Thanks for the review. One part of your review I kind of find hard to believe is that it takes you (2) two disposable blades per shave. I have a lot thicker beard than yours and use the cheapest disposable blade and can get 3-4 shaves per razor, and I have a very sensitive face. Just wondering if your losing money going through so many razors.

  4. I just wanted to add, that what works for one may not work for another. I am by no means calling you a “liar”.

  5. Yeah, I get those really cheap disposable razors to shave, when you have been unemployed for 27 months, those cheap razors for $1 are all you can get. The thing is those very cheap disposable razors are not designed to last, plus after the first shave, a reused razor hurts my face. I can get a pack of 12 disposable razors for $1 at a local store. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I ordered this razor – $19.99 and the shipping was $12.98! I don’t even have it yet and some guy called from the company and told me that when I received the pkg to call the number listed on it. If I didn’t call the number I was going to be charged for “free” $100 worth of gas vouchers and my card wd be charged $29 a month. This sounds fraudulent to me and I kept telling the guy no. I couldn’t get him off the phone and finally hung up. Sorry I ordered this thing.

  7. That’s why I like to buy as seen on TV products in the store versus calling the toll free number. Buying products in the store is much easier in my opinion. Thanks for commenting!

  8. so sad once again duped, inferior product made in CHINA. nowhere in the process of buying did this fact surface until I opened my purchase shame on you Rick I trusted you.

  9. @floyd hill, don’t be too hard on Nathan. There are very few “made in USA” double edge razors and they are difficult to find (if you want to look, google maggard razors, above the tie, and weber razors). You’re more likely to find razor made in England (Edwin Jagger), Germany (Merkur, Muhle), or India (Parker, Cadet) and then just in large online retailers like Amazon.

  10. Exactly right! Most razors are not made in America and are made overseas. If you think about it, most everything is not made in America anymore. While I do hope we will see more things made in America, don’t use the “made in China” excuse please.

  11. I have had some good luck finding vintage razors in local flea markets and junk shops and a couple of good finds at estate auctions.particularly some very nice Gillettes in excellent condition…yes, I know they are used, but they are quite easy to clean and sanitize and I enjoy using them…Ebay is another good place to find these treasures but can be a bit pricey…if your really into the art of “wet shaving” as its called, I suggest…tons of excellent info on the subject

  12. Flea markets, junk shops, and Ebay can be good places to find vintage razors. Don’t know how many guys would be willing to use a used razor even if it’s in excellent condition. Thanks for commenting!

  13. Could you maybe try this razor “down there” and take some pictures to share?

    I mean, yeah, your face looks smooth but I see you and I am now wanting to see your balls and how smooth you could make them.

    Thank you!

    I enjoy your blog very much.

  14. Thanks for enjoying my blog. But I will not be putting up any photos that you are suggesting. You know this is a family-friendly blog right?

  15. I ordered the Micro Touch over two weeks ago not here yet i get better service from ebay and amazon . Thanks a lot Rick . As far as the blades being made in China what else is new we need to vote the people out of office that is making all these deals with China I like made in the USA !!!!

  16. I agree, sometimes shopping in a retail store or on Amazon can be better. Yep, we need to make more things in America and that might mean voting some people out! Thanks for commenting!

  17. Don’t order from the site. I did and then received 6 calls in 48 hours from the marketing firm associated with it. Wanting to sell me more stuff. Annoying and the ruined the surprize for my dad. I can’t get them to stop calling. Not worth it.

  18. I ordered this razor thinking it was a great offer, and I like the Pawn stars guy! Now I’m getting sales calls and my phone won’t stop ringing! It starts out.. “thank you for purchasing micro touch”..blah blah! I finally told the guy I don’t buy anything on the phone, and in fact they can cancel my order! The guy on the phone tells me they aren’t associated with the razor company…
    So if you want a cheap razor from a company that sell’s your info to other sellers of crap, enjoy your non-stop sales calls, who some how also have access to your credit card info!

  19. I am not associated with this razor company, so I could not tell you about what you get after you order. Everyone’s best bet is to buy this product at a store. Thanks for commenting!

  20. I just ordered the Micro One Touch, and before submitting my order, there were some boxes to check, or uncheck for additional sales. I unchecked the boxes.

  21. I have seen as seen on TV products in stores like Walgreens and Fred’s. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying the product from the website, you can find similar razors at stores or on

  22. Your ad on TV is unfortunately a “Bait and Switch,” at least as far as pricing is concerned. As a senior on a fixed income I watch every dime. I was disappointed when I got on line to order and discovered that the shipping and handling for this razor and its additional so-called “FREE” supply of blades was over $32.00. There is nothing “free” about it, except the obfuscation. In addition, I thought the phony upgrade offers attached to the check out page were appalling.
    Why are you not putting your best product forward at a reasonable price instead of trying to schlep an inferior one? i thought I was supposed to be getting the best as it was! .

  23. Thanks. I always look for reviews before I purchase on-line. Your review sold me on the product. The comments saved me from the hassle of ordering on-line. I will look for the razor In “As seen on TV” or Amazon …
    Thanks again.