The Evening Post: Ben Aaron Goes After Internet Trolls

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Times have changed!  Back then, to contact any famous person you had to write a letter to them and hope you got something back in the mail.  Today, all you need to contact a famous person is the internet.  Trolls on the internet use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other accounts to send hate comments and messages to just about anyone, including me.  So in this video, watch as Ben Aaron explains the internet trolls.  Sadly this is something that will not go away anytime soon.


The Evening Post: Videos From The Aliceville Alabama Tornado

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Today a very strong wedge tornado tore through west Alabama around the Aliceville area.  Several stormchasers were present to record this big tornado!  The first two videos were recorded by Scott Peake / Basehunters and Kelley Williamson and was placed on the SevereStudios YouTube channel.

This next video was shot by Connor McCrorey as him along with Mike Scantlin and Marcus Diaz got footage of this tornado.

This last video was shot by Jill Gilardi who is an meteorologist at WBRC FOX 6 News.  This was quickly broadcast over the air!

The Evening Post: Is Undertale The Most Violent Game This Year

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight I am presenting the latest episode from the YouTube PBS Idea Channel.  Undertale, unlike most of the today’s most popular video games, allows the player to show mercy to their enemies. Violence is often presented as the one and only response to overcoming challenges, so this ability to remain peaceful allows for a very rare gaming experience. It makes the game’s aspect of violence unique in that the player must choose to be violent. So, doesn’t this actually make Undertale one of the MOST violent games? Enjoy!

And here are the comment responses to the “Do You Want to Believe?” video.

The Evening Post: The Greatest Video Game Goals

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I am bringing you the latest episode from the YouTube channel PBS Game/Show.  This week, they begin their dive into the elements of a great game by examining goals. Without an end-goal, a game can lose it’s focus. Whether the goals are explicitly set by the game designers or the player themselves, it is important for their to be a strong objective in order to motivate the player. A clearly defined goal will keep the player interested and engaged until it is finally accomplished.  Enjoy the episode!

The Evening Post: Grandma Lill’s Top 10 Secret Tips To Be A YouTube Star

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight I am bringing you the latest episode from the YouTube channel The ChatterBox PBS.  Lill didn’t become YouTube’s favorite grandma overnight – it took time, dedication and a bit of secret razzle-dazzle. In this week’s episode, Kevin and Lill share their official 10 easy steps to becoming YouTube famous!  If you are wanting to get on YouTube, or need some tips on growing your YouTube channel, enjoy the video below!