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TV Reviews: Sam and Cat / Naked and Afraid

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On this edition of Geek Alabama TV reviews.  I am going to talk about a kids show on Nickelodeon and a not so kids show on Discovery Channel that shows nudity.  What could be better!

Sam and Cat


Nickelodeon is in need for a hit show!  The network’s ratings have been in a major slump.  Animated shows like The Legend of Korra and Sanjay and Craig are doing well on the network.  But Nickelodeon is in need of something live-action that can do well in the ratings. Enter Dan Schneider and Sam and Cat.

Dan Schneider knows his shows.  He is behind the hit shows All That, Drake and Josh, and iCarly.  And now Dan Schneider is behind the next adventure, Sam and Cat.  The show is a crossover spin-off of both iCarly and Victorious, starring Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett and Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine.  The show has a pretty interesting plot. Sam and Cat runs a babysitting business to fund some of their crazy adventures.  And in the pilot, the adventures got off to a quick start.

Sam is down in Los Angeles touring the country after her best friend moved to Italy to be with her father.  Sam sees a girl fall into a garbage truck and she goes to save her.  To thank Sam, Cat lets her bathe and rest at her Nona’s apartment and Sam decides to spend the night.  Cat’s relative Nona is taken to Elderly Acres by Sam which upsets Cat.  While going back to Elderly Acres, the pair runs into three kids that Cat is supposed to babysit.  Yep, the five people goes on a crazy adventure at Eldery Acres and at Inside-Out Burger.


Sam decides to become Cat’s roommate and the pair hugs.  They are rewarded with free burgers for the rest of their lives for saving a manager from choking at Inside-Out Burger as well.  By the way, Inside-Out Burger is a parody of In-N-Out Burger.  I found the show interesting and something that is enjoyable for the kids and the adults as well.  So far, the ratings have been great for Sam and Cat and I think Dan Schneider has another hit on his hands!

Sam and Cat airs new episodes on Saturday night at 8/7c on Nickelodeon.  Learn more about Sam and Cat at:

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Naked and Afraid


Discovery Channel has come out with what I call the ultimate survival show!  Naked and Afraid features a man, and a women, and no clothes.  Two people are dropped off in some of the world’s most interesting locations and weather environments.  Before their adventures begin.  They have to take off all of their clothes and hand them over.  The two people begins win no food, no water, and no clothes.  They are not even allowed to wear shoes.


The two must survive on their own for a full 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each and the knowledge that the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment.  A small camera crew does follow them but they will not intervene unless it’s a life or death situation.  Both people are also given a personal camera to document their adventure.  In the first episode, two people had to survive for 21 days in the Costa Rica jungle.

The first two people to try this adventure was Shane Lewis, 40, an electrician from Connecticut and Kim Shelton, 22, an student from Minnesota.  After they first met, they got the nudity thing over with very quickly.  Yes, they both did a 360 degree turn and checked each other out.  On the show, the buttocks are not blurred.  Only the frontal area and the female breasts are blurred.  The two first built a shelter to stay out of the rain, sadly the first shelter caught on fire because the fire was under the shelter.  The two struggled to find food and they began to lose energy.  They did find some meat like a snake and a turtle.  The two also suffered from sickness and anger issues.  Being alone and in survival mode can be very stressful.  At the end of the 21 day experience, they were both really dirty!

Some people have already said that Naked and Afraid is scrapping the bottom of the reality TV show barrel and that this show is fake because the people surviving were taken cared of.  But I found Naked and Afraid as a really good survival show.  I did find the show moved too fast at times and maybe it would have been better to split each episode into two episodes.  Both people surviving on the first episode lost a lot of weight!  And both people also said the Naked and Afraid experience has made them both better people.


Some say this show is bad because nudity is involved.  Sure, if they showed the two having some whoopie time, the show would be bad.  But what’s wrong with showing a naked human body?  Society has a major problem with people wanting to look “perfect.”  Some people will do anything like have plastic surgery to make sure they look picture perfect in society.  There is nothing wrong with the naked human body.  God designed the human body, and we should not be ashamed of being naked.  For you people who thinks all nudity is evil and bad, you really need to change your opinions.

Naked And Afraid airs on Discovery Channel on Sunday nights at 10/9c.  To learn more go to:

All images copyright from Nickelodeon and Discovery Channel.

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  1. Personally, I rather enjoy watching “Naked and Afraid”, but I can’t imagine anyone volunteering to do that show!!! I agree with you, it does move along a little too quickly though.

  2. The show has been interesting, only experienced survivalists can participate. But being alone for 21 days with no food, water, or clothes is a big challenge!