Pictures And Video From The 2016 Heflin Alabama Christmas Parade

picture1sgw geek-alabama-christmas-2016

The last Christmas parade I covered for the 2016 season involves the parade in Heflin, Alabama.  This parade featured the White Plains and Cleburne County marching bands, a ton of parade floats, and plenty of firefighters and horses, plus more!  Enjoy the video and pictures below!


Pictures And Video From The 2016 Oxford Alabama Christmas Parade

picture1fherr geek-alabama-christmas-2016

Once again, it’s becoming a trend.  I was the only media person covering the Oxford Christmas Parade.  This parade featured the Oxford and Anniston marching bands, many floats, and a really good crowd despite a really cold night.  Enjoy the video and pictures below!

Bid On Items In The 2016 UCP Telethon Silent Auction


The 58th annual UCP Telethon is happening this weekend in Anniston Alabama!  And to help the UCP of East Alabama raise a lot of money, I am featuring some really big silent auction items that you can bid on until 6 pm Central on Sunday August 7th.  As always, there are some really big sports related auction items.

Let’s start with signed pictures from Alabama coach Nick Saban (#282) and Auburn coach Gus Malzahn. (#283)

2016-08-06 20.14.232016-08-06 20.14.49

There’s a signed Alabama football (#76)

2016-08-06 20.13.04

There’s a signed Alabama cap (#255)

2016-08-06 20.12.20

There’s also mini helmets signed by Nick Saban (#256) and Jake Coker (#75)

2016-08-06 20.12.372016-08-06 20.12.44

But there is more than sports stuff!  There is a guitar signed by Charlie Daniels, Little Texas, Confederate Railroad, and others. (#139)

2016-08-06 20.09.37

And there is a Johnson guitar (#78)

2016-08-06 20.09.18

There is a giant boat book shelf with oar. (#187)

2016-08-06 20.10.36

There is a smaller boat book shelf with oar. (#186)

2016-08-06 19.42.55

There is a curio cabinet. (#281)

2016-08-06 19.32.43

And there is a three wheel bike with umbrella. (#130)

2016-08-06 19.42.29

There are plenty of great giant pictures and artwork!

2016-08-06 19.43.51

The biggest ones are a Alabama Crimson Dynasty print by Daniel Moore (#126)

2016-08-06 19.33.57

There is an Auburn Spirit Eagle picture. (#132)

2016-08-06 19.33.38

There is also another Alabama Daniel Moore print. (#194)

2016-08-06 19.33.14

And for the gift certificates, there are some good ones!  There is a Talladega fall race Tri-Oval tower tickets (#526) or (#528)

2016-08-06 19.31.34

There is Southwest two one way plane tickets. (#529) or (#527)

2016-08-06 19.31.19

There is a Jacksonville State University suite tickets during the homecoming game October 29th. (#546)

2016-08-06 19.31.43

There is a Zoom teeth whitening package. (#505)

2016-08-06 19.32.15

There are three custom whitening kits available. (#530, #531, or #532)

2016-08-06 19.44.54

There is a one night stay plus spa credit at the Wind Creek casino in south Alabama. (#501)

2016-08-06 19.45.06

There are two tickets to a Sara Evans concert in Montgomery this December. (#538)

2016-08-06 19.45.20

There is one Botox treatment available. (#522)

2016-08-06 19.35.43

There is also a 2 day guided turkey hunt in Spring 2017. (#539)

2016-08-06 19.44.12

And there is another one man guided turkey hunt in Spring 2017. (#543)

2016-08-06 19.44.00

And there are many more certificates!  To see all the items available in the silent auction, visit the Anniston City Meeting Center on the corner of Noble Street and 16th Street.  To call in your bid to any of the items above call 256-770-7688 or 256-403-1740.  The silent auction closes at 6 pm Central and you don’t have to be present to win!

And if you don’t mind, please donate to the UCP of East Central Alabama by calling 256-770-7685 or 888-437-9696!

Learn More And Support Ineffable: LGBTQ in Alabama


As you know in Alabama, the state has had a rough history when it comes to people who are different.  Back in the 1960’s, it was people who were black.  A few years ago, it was people who were Hispanic.  And more recently, its people who are transgender.  Now, a local filmmaker wants to explore life in Alabama for people who are transgender or LGBTQ.  Eric Wayne Key is working on a film called Ineffable: LGBTO in Alabama.

American Folk announced that it is presently filming and seeking funding for a documentary by local filmmaker, Eric Wayne Key. Ineffable: LGBTQ in Alabama is a look into what it is like to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in the heart of Dixie.   The film is a frank, honest and open dais for the people who are living that life or love someone who has. However, it also offers the opportunity for those with opposing views to share their side.

Alabama has a dark past of taking a dim view of those in the minority and the different, like trying to hold on to segregation.  Ineffable hopes to be a that shows some of the unfortunate similarities that Alabama’s LGBTQ community faces.  American Folk is raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign to complete the project.  The company has set out to raise $38,500.

The film will explore life from 1858 when Benton County was unanimously renamed after staunch racist John C. Calhoun because Benton went soft on slavery, to 1961’s Greyhound Bus burning and the beating of the Freedom Riders in Anniston, up to the present day when Oxford, Alabama City Council approved a horrific and unprecedented anti-transgender law.  This is a story of the times and of a movement to prevent a repeat of this area’s past.

Producing a documentary takes a huge amount of time, energy and money. There are close to 130 hours in the six-minute trailer, not to mention the equipment and location rentals, etc.  They will produce this video even if there is no funding, however, it would be a lot easier if some of their volunteers could be paid something for the time and energy they spend on the project.  Funding will go towards production and post-production, outreach, travel costs, and more.

2016-07-25 (2)

You can visit their site at You can also find out more about the documentary by going to American Folk’s Facebook page or
To be a part of this project visit

Learn More About Alabama Week For The Animals 2016


Animal World USA is pleased to announce that Governor Robert Bentley has proclaimed 7th Annual Alabama Week for the Animals March 26-April 3, 2016!  During the exciting week animal shelters, rescue groups, and humane organizations across the state will be hosting fun-filled animal events.

Educators, students, businesses and caring citizens will be joining in as well, celebrating and helping animals. Events will include special pet adoption days,  low cost spay/neuter events, wildlife activities, R.E.A.D. dog programs & book displays in libraries, ways to help horses and farm animals, therapy dogs visiting hospitals & living-assisted homes and a salute to our military K-9s and working dogs.

Also to be included are pet food banks opportunities, low cost clinics, and spring themed events for families to come and enjoy the amazing animals! Please note we will be adding activities right up to and even through the week. For more info, to become involved and see exciting calendar, visit the official website