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Geek Alabama makes and shares our own presentations and infographics!  This page is a landing page so you can our top 10 presentations, infographics, and documents.  If you want to share a presentation or infographic you like, click on the SlideShare button.  To view all of the presentations/infographics from Nathan Young and Geek Alabama, go to:

Nathan Young Visual Resume

[slideshare id=27988835&doc=geekalabamanathanyoung-131106214904-phpapp01]

Nathan Young Cover Letter

[slideshare id=36567682&doc=nathanyoungscoverletter-140702153640-phpapp02]

Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic

[slideshare id=32483369&doc=visualresumeinfographic-140319053614-phpapp01]

Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic Board Game

[slideshare id=30079931&doc=geekalabamagameboard-140116032522-phpapp02]

How I Draw My Road Drawings

[slideshare id=32791162&doc=howidrawmyroaddrawings-140326214820-phpapp02]

21 Things Geek And Nerd Characters Do So You Can Be Successful In Your Life

[slideshare id=33792804&doc=21thingsgeekandnerdcharactersdotobesuccessfulinlife-140422043104-phpapp02]

Nathan Young’s 108 Item Bucket List

[slideshare id=34410841&doc=nathanyoungs108itembucketlist-140507172134-phpapp01]

21 Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons

[slideshare id=34957521&doc=21lifelessonsfromsaturdaymorningcartoons-140521102201-phpapp02]

The Reasons Why I Am A Humongous Geek And Nerd

[slideshare id=37216319&doc=thereasonswhyiamahumongousgeekandnerd-140721175227-phpapp01]

So, Do You Think You Have Asperger’s Syndrome

[slideshare id=39362518&doc=sodoyouthinkyouhaveaspergerssyndrome-140922024442-phpapp02]

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