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These Are The Reasons I Am A Humongous Geek/Nerd


So, I was recently contacted by SingleHop, a leading provider of dedicated server and cloud hosting technology.  And they wanted everyone to get ready for the upcoming Geekness Day on July 13th!  The folks from SingleHop wanted me to write a post about what makes me a geek.  Really, being a geek is one of the coolest things anyone can become!  You meet a variety of great people at conventions, online, and at local comic stores.  You get to follow some awesome TV shows and movies. (zombies, doctors, dragons, and ponies rule the most)  You get to chat with fellow geeks/nerds online while playing games, chatting on live video, or chatting on that favorite tech forum.  Yes, living a life of a geek is awesome! (cue the Everything Is Awesome song)

The folks from SingeHop sent me six questions to answer, so geek out, and read my responses to what makes me a geek!

1. What makes you a geek?

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Well for starters, I have been a geek for most of my life.  Thanks to my father, who was a computer expert, that is how I got my start in geekhood!  My father created a basic computer game just for me when I was a very young kid, and that got my interest in computers started.  It also helped that my father liked playing games on the computer as well!  Fast forward to today, I am on my computer most of the day writing, chatting with other people, editing photos and video, playing games, and watching shows.  But being a geek is not only being in front of a screen all day, geeks also have to get out into the world and mingle with others.


Going to conventions and other geeky events is awesome!  You can meet your favorite celebrities, take lots of photos from other people cosplaying (costume play), attend panels on your favorite subjects, play games, and more!  Even though I love keeping up with the latest technology, being on the computer, playing games, watching shows very popular in the geek fandoms, and more!  I find that geeks care for each other, and when someone is in deep trouble, others will come and help out their fellow geek.  I guess that is what makes me a geek!

2. What is your proudest geek moment?

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Well, since I run the popular Geek Alabama blog, I have gotten to do some awesome things, like interview people working on shows like The Walking Dead, True Blood, Eureka, Ghostbusters, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and more!  Another proud moment is when I go to cover everyday events like festivals, concerts, conventions, foodie events, fundraisers, high school sports, and more.  And at those events, I take some awesome photos and videos!  After I post everything online, I usually get plenty of thank-you’s from people holding the events, that puts a smile on my face!

3. What is your geek motto/favorite geek quote?

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My favorite quote of all time, since I love roads is: A bland smile is like a green light at an intersection, it feels good when you get one, but you forget it the moment you’re past it.
-Doug Coupland

As for a geeky quote, I refer you to Willy Wonka, a very underrated geek!

Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple. – Willy Wonka

4. Who is your geek role model?

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My favorite geek role models are characters who are different, since I am different too.  Even though I have Asperger’s Syndrome, I still want to be treated like every other human being on Planet Earth.  So my favorite five geek role models are:

Doctor Who from the BBC

giphy 9

Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

giphy 10

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

giphy 11

Daryl from The Walking Dead

giphy 12

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

giphy 15

5.  How familiar are you with the types of services SingleHop offers (dedicated servers, private cloud hosting, managed hosting, etc.)?

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No, I have not heard about SingleHop, but I have checked out the website.  Maybe if this site becomes super big, I could use your services!

6.  Anything else you think we should know?

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I know this sounds weird, but I have been unemployed for three years now and I have filled out over 1,100 applications with no luck.  It’s hard to believe that a popular geek like me has been unemployed for this long, but I have.  So, below I am embedding my visual resume with over 8,300 views and the link to my Buzzfeed cover letter.  If you know of anything, e-mail me at [email protected]


Don’t forget, celebrate Geekness Day on July 13th!  And use the hashtag #GeeknessDay.

Thanks to the folks from SingleHop for reaching out to us!  Learn more about SingleHop and their private cloud hosting services at:

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