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2012 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Posts

Picture1qwiwoskl Geek Alabama New Year

2012 was a great year for Geek Alabama!  Over 140,000 people logged on to Geek Alabama and here is an interesting statistic.  20,005 entries were submitted to the 2012 National Geographic Photo of the Year contest.   If each view were a photo, this blog could run 7 contests.  So which posts were the most popular with the readers?  Here is the ten most viewed posts of 2012.

  1. Animation Monday: Gravity Falls – 4,564 views
  2. TV Review: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – 2,646 views
  3. 10 Spooky Halloween Songs – 1,628 views
  4. Happy Platypus Day! – 1,346 views
  5. Bamazon Premiering on History Channel – 1,023 views
  6. Sunday Discussion: Bob Costas Gun Control Debate – 972 views
  7. An Animated Monday Christmas – My Favorite Christmas Specials – 897 views
  8. Animation Monday: Phineas and Ferb Time Shift Weekend – 807 views
  9. Review of Red Pepper Grill – 773 views
  10. Alabamians on Reality Shows – 753 views

I thank you all for coming to the Geek Alabama blog!  I did some incredible things in 2012 and I wanted to highlight some of the lesser known posts that deserves some extra views!

A Day With Connie Schultz 


Connie Schultz came to Jacksonville State University in March.  This brought a lot of traffic to the blog and she was fun to listen too!

Aimee Copeland Benefit Ride and Concert


The city of Villa Rica, Ga held a massive fundraiser for Aimee Copeland.  It was a very emotional day!

Fresh Baked Strawberry Pie


This was the most popular cooking post on Geek Alabama.  I guess the comparison to a Whole Foods pie is what brought in the traffic!

Appalachian vs. Ragland Week 6


My younger brother David Storey is a senior and drum major for the band.  The football photos, homecoming queen crowning, and band performance video is great!

TV 24 Pigskin Roundup All-Star Banquet


Seeing LSU coach Les Miles in person was awesome!  This was a great way to wrap up the 2012 high school football season!

Review of Steel City Pops


Business reviews were popular on Geek Alabama in 2012.  Steel City Pops have very good frozen treats!

Alabama Social Media Association With James Spann


Hearing James Spann’s thoughts about the April 27th tornado outbreak is something I will remember for the rest of my life!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Old Traffic Lights


This was the most popular Roadscapes post.  The Anniston area has many classic 4-way traffic lights!

The Walking Dead at A.P.F.


The posts from the Alabama Phoenix Festival were very popular in 2012!  The Walking Dead panels were the best!

Freddy Jet Presents Frost: A Winter Dance Delight


Geek Alabama also likes to support the arts in the community!  These kids can perform some great dances!

Geek Alabama and Nathan Young has also been featured on TV and short films!  2012 has been a good year getting the Geek Alabama name out there!

Geek Alabama on ABC 33/40

Geek Alabama Atlanta Journal-Constitution Google Hangout

Riders on the Storm UAB Digital City Event

I look forward to what 2013 brings for Geek Alabama and me Nathan Young!  I want to continue the mission of covering the events and happenings in NE Alabama and NW Georgia.  Geek Alabama will also continue to provide reviews on products, shows, and much more!  I will also continue talking about big topics in the news and geeky topics as well!  Geek Alabama is Social. Local. Smart.

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