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Animation Monday: My Little Pony Princess Coronation / Gravity Falls Returns

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My Little Pony Princess Coronation



UPDATE: Read my review of the season 3 finale by clicking the link!

The season 3 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is this Saturday!  And one part of the finale has a lot of fans freaking out!  If you watched the show from the first episode.  You knew Twilight Sparkle would become a princess one day.  And this Saturday; this will become reality.


Twilight will be transformed into a Alicorn.  She will get a pair a wings and a nice tiara!  Many of the adult fans called “bronies” have taken this news hard!  Many have commented on the web saying Hasbro is jumping the shark and they are only doing this to sell more toys.  Some fans are even hoping this transformation is not even permanent.  So, what is my take on all of this?

All right adult fans of My Little Pony.  You do realize this show is aimed at girls, right?  Many of the adult fans connect to Twilight Sparkle.  She’s a geek/nerd and just like all of us!  She is that geeky nerd who reads books and gets all excited about stupid stuff like I do a lot!  Do you really think seeing Twilight with wings and a tiara will change her?  I suspect there will be some fans that will not be happy after the season finale.  But in my opinion; I think fans will be happy to see Twilight succeed after watching the season finale!

Twilight’s personality will not change!  Sure, she will have more ponies in Equestria looking down on her.  But the writers on the show will do a good job keeping Twilight and the other characters in sync!  You never know, Twilight’s wings might become handy during a crisis!  The season 3 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic airs on The Hub Saturday February 16 at 10:30 am / 9:30 am central.  I will go into more detail on the season finale on the next Animation Monday on Geek Alabama!

Gravity Falls Returns


Remember the last new episode of Gravity Falls?  Yeah; it’s been a while!  The show returns with new episodes this Friday night!  In this episode called “Boss Mabel”, Mabel and Grunkle Stan face off in a little competition.  Of the two, whoever can scrounge up the most money in three days can run the shack for the rest of the summer.  When Mabel gets her shot to run the Mystery Shack, the results are not quite what she expected and Mabel finds herself just trying to get back some normalcy.  At the same time, we will also get to see Grunkle Stan on a game show; you know that will not go well!  Gravity Falls airs this Friday February 15th at 9:00 pm / 8:00 pm central on Disney Channel.

I am glad Gravity Falls is back!

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  1. Ummm, I’m probably not going to watch the episode either way, but I thought FiM appeals to more just than just little girls becuse it doesn’t pander. Or at least, used to…

  2. I will be watching for the review next Monday. MLP:FIM is a poplar show for adults because of its writing and characters. It does not just pander to girls. Many animated shows on TV right now are aimed for kids and adults and I like that!