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Best 9 Places To Visit In 2021 After COVID-19 Ends

With the whole of 2020 turning out to be a nightmare for travel enthusiasts due to Covid-19, people are now looking forward to a brighter 2021. Traveling post the coronavirus crisis will […]

Alabama Start-Up Pavilion To Showcase State’s Tech Companies At CES 2021 Conference

Post by Jessica Nissenbaum from Alabama NewsCenter Ten Alabama-based technology startups will be on display at the Consumer Technology Association’s all-virtual CES 2021, Jan. 11-14, the world’s largest and most influential consumer technology event. The […]

Everything You Need To Know About Types Of MOB Dresses

It is a saying that mothers know the best. Whether it is a bride’s dress or a groom’s wedding outfit, a mother can never go wrong with her choices. But when it […]

The Benefits Of Personal Electric Transportation

Personal electric transportation is the path of the future, and you should really start thinking about it. When it comes to short-distance traveling, instead of taking a car, you should take something […]

Supply Chains Will Drastically Look Different In The Near-Future

We’re going to witness something that hasn’t been done for about 30-40 years. The global supply chain is going to shift back toward the local level. For about three maybe four decades, […]

The Only Skin Insurance You Need: Essential Oils

We experiment with a number of creams in our daily lives just to make our skin better. It is said and proven that the magic which is done by a natural substance […]

Timeline: 2020 – Was This The Worst Year Ever

The start of a new decade and this year would turn out to be a real dumpster fire. Or more specifically, actual fires, metaphorical wildfires spreading like, well wildfire…2020 was a year […]

Watch Southerners React To 2020’s Most Viral Moments

Tiger King, Zoom, Animal Crossing, TikTok, Hamilton, Among Us, the fly, and much more.  It’s A Southern Thing gathered a bunch of their favorite southerners to review some of the wildest, funniest, […]

Why 2020 Will Be A Horrible Year, From A Video Uploaded In 2019

Yes, this video from the YouTube channel The Infographics Show was uploaded in November 2019, and it talks about why 2020 will be a horrible year.  Well, we can say 2020 was […]

What Women Say About Their Man’s Grooming Habits

As women, we pay attention to detail. That’s our thing, and we also are big on grooming habits, and we notice when men are falling behind on their own preening routines. There […]

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