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A Post Defending Breanna Mitchell And Her Auschwitz Selfie


Someone in East Alabama has gotten famous on social media, in a bad way.  Breanna Mitchell from Roanoke took a picture of herself at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, otherwise called a selfie.  Now, the teen has gotten death threats and hate mail.  This is her tweet, and because of the treats, Breanna has made her Twitter account private.


Breanna’s father died from a heart attack before she started her senior year at high school.  And she went on the trip with her grandmother in memory of her dad, and visited Poland and the concentration camp this Summer.  For the first few weeks, no one noticed the image, then one person asked Breanna how she could post something like that on social media.  Then the bombardments began.  Breanna planned to take the trip with her father after she developed an interest in the Holocaust.  And the selfie picture was an memory to her father, that has gone awry.

Still, I can not believe people are sending this young woman death threats because of one selfie picture.  I mean, I am glad to see Breanna have an interest in history, and she is thinking about becoming a history teacher!  Many young people have a hard time identifying all 50 US states, or remembering what The Declaration of Independence is, while they remember what LeBron James or Katy Perry is doing.  To sum it up, most young people suck in history and geography, and that is not a good thing!

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp serves as a reminder to what could happen if we don’t learn our history!  The saying is if we don’t learn from our past, history could repeat itself.  Breanna went to Auschwitz and learned about the history of the Nazi’s and World War II.  She now knows what the Nazi’s did to those innocent people, and she is more prepared, then those people who are sending her death threats.  Seriously, do people have anything better to do?

Schools don’t teach as much history or geography as they used too.  And channels like the History Channel have removed a lot of programming about history, and replaced it with pop culture reality shows.  Some folks just want something to whine about and this is just another example of our absurd, insane world we live in and the nuts who occupy it.  Breanna, keep on learning about our history!  I am an avid history buff, and I know a lot more about history and geography than most other people do, and I am sitting here unemployed for over three years now, something is wrong with our society!

Children, teens, and adults should be required to visit historical sites like battlefields, memorials, and concentration camps like Auschwitz.  It would give these people a different view of life, and these people might care about learning more about our past, instead of learning about the latest celebrity who landed in jail.  Breanna did nothing wrong in taking that selfie, it was a memory to her deceased father.  No one should be sending death threats to this young lady.

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