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Why Are Christmas Ads Appearing Before Halloween


We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013, but that has not stopped some retailers from air Christmas commercials.  Yeah, most people are not even thinking about Christmas right now, they are only thinking about their kids Halloween costumes or what candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters.  The only thing I can relate to Christmas during the Halloween season is the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Want to mix Christmas and Halloween together, then watch this movie!

K-Mart got the Christmas 2013 season rolling in September!  This commercial shows a lady working in an office with a gingerbread man appearing in the background.  K-Mart does not want to have the holidays sneak up on you by using their layaway.  But this commercial was way too early!  K-Mart should have delayed this ad until after Halloween, kind of glad K-Mart is now closed in Anniston and Gadsden.

Also, retailer PetSmart has gotten into the greedy Christmas spirit with this ad that is airing before Halloween.  Come on, showing Santa Claus before the monsters disappear for another year?  Santa does not have time to appear in ads right now.  He is busy in the North Pole getting ready for Christmas 2013.  PetSmart could have aired a great Halloween commercial and saved this Christmas commercial until November.  Also, some retailers have put out Christmas decorations, in September.  That is way too early!

And come on Best Buy, airing Christmas commercials before Halloween is not cool.  You know many people come in just to price shop.  Having Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph tell a story is okay, but these commercials could have waited until November.

More and more companies are wanting to get into the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier.  Who cares about Halloween or Thanksgiving.  They need people to start thinking about Santa and his Reindeer.  Retailers are wanting people to not think about our pilgrims and the roasted turkey.  They want us to think about shopping, shopping, and more shopping.  Retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, and even Macy’s are going to open on Thanksgiving night.  Who cares about that over 100 year tradition to not open on Thanksgiving at Macy’s, they just want that money!  You know money is not everything right?

A few retailers like Old Navy are even open on Thanksgiving Day!  Memo to the companies, people want to spend Thanksgiving Day with their families, not worry about what gift to give their loved ones and to fight those massive crowds.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing what Black Friday is like, you will not see me in those crowds.

I want to give all of you a challenge for Black Friday and the 2013 Christmas Season.  Do not shop in major big box retailers.  Instead, shop at local mom and pop shops in your local town.  When you shop at a local store, the money stays in the community and helps the community.  When you shop at a big box retailer, do you think that money stays in the local community, probably not.  This video below is something I wish more people would do, line up to shop at a local mom and pop store.

Black Friday and the 2013 Christmas season should be spent with family and spending money at local businesses rather than people trampling and killing each other like animals at big box retailers.  Remember the reason for the Christmas season, it’s not about getting the best Christmas gift, it’s about our Lord above.  And to the major retailers, can we get past Halloween and Thanksgiving first before shoving Christmas down our throats?

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