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Roadscapes Wednesday: What Black Friday Tells Us About Parking Lots

Many people went out and shopped on Black Friday, and I was not one of them!  Black Friday happens at malls and shopping centers where there are a ton of parking spots.  […]

The Evening Post: Retail Employees Tell Black Friday Horror Stories

Ah, Black Friday is upon us, and a lot of people will go crazy for those deals.  But, is it really worth dealing with the crazy crowds to save a few bucks?  […]

Good News Fridays: If Black Friday Were A Movie

How many of you went shopping on Black Friday, I did not!  So, if you want to laugh about this whole Black Friday thing, then Buzz Feed has something for you!  The […]

Watch Kids Re-Enact The First Black Friday

Today is Black Friday!  And if you are those people who don’t like it, this video is for you!  Jimmy Kimmel Live invited students from Edward James Olmos Elementary in Montebello, CA […]

Animation Monday: Thanksgiving Political Cartoons 2015

Yep, another Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  And why not feature some funny political cartoons!  This year, many of the cartoons revolve around the refugee crisis and the presidential elections.  I […]

Animation Monday: Thanksgiving Political Cartoons 2014

Thanksgiving is this Thursday!  And I love to feature political cartoons when major events come around, so this Animation Monday post is going to feature some more Thanksgiving political cartoons!  Yes, many […]

Why The Christmas Creep Needs To Be Cut Back Until After Thanksgiving

Each year, retailers wants to make sure you start thinking about Christmas, as early as September.  This year, I saw the Christmas stuff at a local store right after Labor Day, that’s […]

26 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

26 Days Left Until Christmas At The North Pole: Santa and the Elves are still stuffed from their Thanksgiving feast yesterday.  Today, the elves are watching all of those crazy crowds at […]

Follow The Black Friday Tailgaters On Twitter

Black Friday is almost here, and that means people have been in long lines just to be the first to get those good deals.  In Alabama, one group of people has made […]

Why Are Christmas Ads Appearing Before Halloween

We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013, but that has not stopped some retailers from air Christmas commercials.  Yeah, most people are not even thinking about Christmas right now, […]

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