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Product Reviews: Bright Light Pillow / Flashlight Friends

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Over the weekend, I received two products from Idea Village that are for families and kids.  You have seen the commercials on TV for the Bright Light Pillow and Flashlight Friends.

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These products are mostly for the bedroom and the bed.  The Bright Light Pillow has multi-color LED lights inside a soothing pillow.  Flashlight Friends come in six different plush animals and they all feature a LED flashlight built right in.  Here are the TV ads.

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The Bright Light Pillow comes in either the Starlight Square or the Twinkling Star.  The pillow is all white or pink and is very soft to the touch.  The idea is to make the pillow soothing enough that kids will want to fall asleep on top of it.  I got the Twinkling Star and the instructions are very easy to follow.  Insert three AA batteries in a pack and push the on/off button.  When you first turn on the lights, it takes a minute to cycle through the colors.  But after 1-2 minutes.  You see the pillow in very pretty colors!  Here is a shot of the pillow in day and night.

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The lights in the pillow are very bright at night and even during the day!  The lights automatically shut off after 15 minutes so your batteries will last.  The only thing I did not like about the pillow was the lights are only on one side.  As you see below, one side has lights while the other side does not have any lights.

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The pillow can not be washed in a washing machine either.  So if you have kids who like to get dirty, this pillow will get dirty fast!  Only spot cleaning is allowed on the pillow to keep it working.  But overall, I was very impressed with this pillow, and I think kids, teens, and even adults will love it!

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Flashlight Friends comes in six different plush animals which include the penguin, dragon, puppy, turtle, panda, and the unicorn.  The idea for Flashlight Friends is to give kids comfort and security at bedtime.  Kids can easily carry the plush animal because there is a loop on the back of the animal for easy carrying.  And don’t worry about wasting batteries, the LED flashlight will shut off automatically after 10 minutes.

I got the penguin and it is very soft to the touch.  The stuffed animal is very durable and it can handle a lot of abuse from small kids.  To activate the LED flashlight, push the light in the middle of the tummy two times.  The LED flashlight is very bright and for kids who are afraid of the dark, this product will give them comfort.  I know kids can get scared at night like during thunderstorms.  This product does a good job with the flashlight!  Here are photos showing the flashlight during the night.

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Both Bright Light Pillow and Flashlight Friends are great products that kids will enjoy at bedtime.  It will make the bedtime experience much cooler for the kids.  And for the adults, you will get your kids to bed faster!  I know you will like that!  Both products are now available in national stores and I give both products a thumbs up!

Learn more about the Bright Light Pillow at:

Learn more about Flashlight Friends at:

NOTE: I was given a Bright Light Pillow and Flashlight Friend for review.


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