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Why The Christmas Creep Needs To Be Cut Back Until After Thanksgiving


Each year, retailers wants to make sure you start thinking about Christmas, as early as September.  This year, I saw the Christmas stuff at a local store right after Labor Day, that’s right, Labor Day!  Even Kmart wants you to think about the big holiday, without saying the word Christmas.

This year in Birmingham, two radio stations transformed into all Christmas music, a week before Halloween.  First, Easy 97.3 who is a newer radio station in Birmingham, flipped.  Then, Magic 96.5, who has been doing all Christmas music during the Christmas season for years, had to flip under pressure.  They actually did a poll on their website asking people when they should switch, and most selected the switch now button.

Look, I like listening to Christmas music, but only between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Every year, the Christmas creep has gotten deeper and deeper.  The retailers in America seem to be like on a mission to start everything Christmas earlier and earlier each year.  Heck, even some craft stores are pulling out the Christmas stuff, during the Summer!  That is way too early!  Last week, when I went to the local grocery store the morning after Halloween.  The people working there were already putting the leftover Halloween candy in a cart, and were stocking everything Christmas, from the candy canes, orange chocolate balls, and the wrapping paper.  Did we forget about Thanksgiving?

Yes Thanksgiving, the time of the year where families come together, and give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, has been passed up by Christmas.  Several stores will open on Thanksgiving Day, and force employees to skip Thanksgiving dinner, and deal with the Black Friday Thursday crowds that often do stupid things, and end up on YouTube.

I think Christmas will sadly lose its real meaning, and become the holiday where only money is only involved to purchase material stuff.  Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, not trample people for that big screen TV.  Christmas is a time to celebrate being with family and friends, not force people to work on Thanksgiving, and even Christmas.  Christmas is a time to celebrate the good things that happened during the year, not being that company that lays off people during the holidays.  And yes, Christmas is a time of the year where we celebrate our beliefs and virtues, not like those
companies who thinks Christmas is only about making a profit.

The Christmas creep is something I am getting tired of.  If I was charge of government, I would pass and sign a law requiring retailers and people to celebrate Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  No stores could pull out the Christmas stuff, or do Christmas sales, until after Thanksgiving.  No radio stations could play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  No one could make anything related to Christmas like cookies until after Thanksgiving.  And yes, there can be no Christmas TV shows or movies until after Thanksgiving.

The Christmas creep is getting deeper and deeper.  What’s next, we skip Labor Day, and start thinking about Christmas?  Yes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but we need to celebrate and think about Halloween and Thanksgiving, before we start thinking about Christmas.

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