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Video Roundup: 2020 Christmas Commercials

2020 has been one weird year.  And the Christmas commercials for 2020 have mostly reflected this weird year.  Below, enjoy some of the best 2020 Christmas ads! Click to rate this post! […]

Good News Fridays: Hafod Hardware Christmas Advert 2019

You’ll want to watch this!  The folks from Hafod Hardware located in the UK put together a very special 2019 Christmas commercial.  As they say, be a kid during the Christmas season.  […]

The Evening Post: Holiday — The Surprise

Well, sometimes technology can save whiny kids on a road and airplane trip.  Apple released a new holiday ad called The Surprise.  Yes, technology can quiet kids down, but technology can also […]

The Evening Post: Publix’s Christmas Morning Ad

Publix always puts out some amazing commercials, and this one is no exception.  In this ad titled Christmas Morning, a little girl is up way early on Christmas morning and spots her […]

Watch E.T. Come Back Home After 37 Years For A Christmas Family Reunion

Wow, has it been 37 years since that E.T. movie came out?  E.T. thought it was time to re-visit Elliott, but lots has changed since he first came.  Elliott has a family, […]

Animation Monday: McDonald’s UK – Reindeer Ready

Here is another cute animated Christmas commercial for 2019.  McDonald’s in the United Kingdom sells carrots dubbed as Reindeer Treats.  A young girl wants to get her older teenage daughter into the […]

Animation Monday: Chick-fil-A’s The Time Shop

The folks from Chick-fil-A have a special message this Christmas season, put down the devices and spend more time with your loved ones!  And well done Chick-fil-A for this beautifully animated commercial.  […]

View This Amazing 2019 John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Christmas time means special Christmas themed ads!  John Lewis & Partners released their 2019 Christmas advert featuring a young girl and a dragon friend named Edgar.  Edgar is a dragon who gets […]

See The Christmas Commercial Where Santa Crashes Into The Australian Outback

  So what would happen if Santa Claus crash landed into the Australian Outback?  ALDI Australia made a Christmas commercial about what Santa would do if his sleigh crashed and he had […]

Why Are Christmas Ads Appearing Before Halloween

We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013, but that has not stopped some retailers from air Christmas commercials.  Yeah, most people are not even thinking about Christmas right now, […]

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