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Good News Fridays: Hafod Hardware Christmas Advert 2019

You’ll want to watch this!  The folks from Hafod Hardware located in the UK put together a very special 2019 Christmas commercial.  As they say, be a kid during the Christmas season.  […]

The Evening Post: Holiday — The Surprise

Well, sometimes technology can save whiny kids on a road and airplane trip.  Apple released a new holiday ad called The Surprise.  Yes, technology can quiet kids down, but technology can also […]

The Evening Post: Publix’s Christmas Morning Ad

Publix always puts out some amazing commercials, and this one is no exception.  In this ad titled Christmas Morning, a little girl is up way early on Christmas morning and spots her […]

Watch E.T. Come Back Home After 37 Years For A Christmas Family Reunion

Wow, has it been 37 years since that E.T. movie came out?  E.T. thought it was time to re-visit Elliott, but lots has changed since he first came.  Elliott has a family, […]

Animation Monday: McDonald’s UK – Reindeer Ready

Here is another cute animated Christmas commercial for 2019.  McDonald’s in the United Kingdom sells carrots dubbed as Reindeer Treats.  A young girl wants to get her older teenage daughter into the […]

Animation Monday: Chick-fil-A’s The Time Shop

The folks from Chick-fil-A have a special message this Christmas season, put down the devices and spend more time with your loved ones!  And well done Chick-fil-A for this beautifully animated commercial.  […]

View This Amazing 2019 John Lewis Christmas Commercial

Christmas time means special Christmas themed ads!  John Lewis & Partners released their 2019 Christmas advert featuring a young girl and a dragon friend named Edgar.  Edgar is a dragon who gets […]

See The Christmas Commercial Where Santa Crashes Into The Australian Outback

  So what would happen if Santa Claus crash landed into the Australian Outback?  ALDI Australia made a Christmas commercial about what Santa would do if his sleigh crashed and he had […]

Why Are Christmas Ads Appearing Before Halloween

We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013, but that has not stopped some retailers from air Christmas commercials.  Yeah, most people are not even thinking about Christmas right now, […]

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