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Black Friday is almost here, and that means people have been in long lines just to be the first to get those good deals.  In Alabama, one group of people has made the annual Black Friday ritual a tailgate.  These people are camping outside of Best Buy in Fultondale and they do it for the fun, not the discounts.  These people are the Black Friday Tailgaters.

This has gotten so big the Black Friday Tailgaters does have sponsors, although the group does not make any money from this.  The sponsors are for the generators, food, tents, and other creature comforts while outside the store.  Most of the sponsors come on board because they were friends with members of the group.  The sponsors provide Black Friday Tailgaters with shirts or graphics or other services, and the company names are displayed on the tailgate tent.

Every local media company has talked about these people.  And even the Kelly and Michael show has talked about them.  They set up camp this year on Sunday morning since Best Buy will open for Black Friday on Thursday.  Their makeshift home for the week includes a couch, two mattresses, a beach chair, heaters, and sleeping bags.  They have a TV and games for entertainment and of course they are tweeting updates.  Tomorrow, the parents will deliver a Thanksgiving meal to these folks, and tomorrow night, they will be inside Best Buy.

Follow along with the Black Friday Tailgaters @BFTailgaters.

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