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The Evening Post: Things Southerners Say On Covid Halloween

Yep, we are about to have Halloween 2020 in an pandemic.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us things people in the south might say about Halloween during COVID-19.

See Pictures From Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2019

It was delayed until the Saturday after Halloween, but still many people came out for Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2019 in downtown Oxford, Alabama. I was the only media source […]

See Video And Pictures From Halloween At Glenwood Terrace 2019

The rain left the area in plenty of time, but it was very cold and windy.  Despite this, that did not stop a lot of people from coming out and trick-or-treating during […]

The Evening Post: Weather Anchor As A Mythical Unicorn

Some of those people in the TV news business will do some weird things on Halloween.  And this weather anchor from Global Calgary did something weird.  Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel dressed […]

Watch A Couple Of Amazing Halloween Light Show Videos

Once again this year, a house in Tracy, California is providing an awesome Halloween light show.  Magical Light Shows and Tom BetGeorge have put out four new songs synced with their lights.  […]

Video Roundup: Cute Animal Halloween Costume Videos

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults to dress up.  But what about our pets too?  Yes, even the pets can enjoy in some cool Halloween costume action!  Below, is […]

Music Thursdays: Silly Symphonies – The Skeleton Dance

I sometimes will enjoy those classic black and white cartoons that feature no voices, only sounds.  Walt Disney Animation Studios uploaded a cartoon way back from the 1920’s.  The cartoon is called […]

The Evening Post: Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candy (Based On Sales)

Here’s a video list of the top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candy based on sales. A crazy amount of Halloween candy sells each year, but do you know the most popular ones […]

Come Out To Halloween At Glenwood Terrace Trick-Or-Treating 2019

There was some concern that Halloween night 2019 would be a massive rainout.  But now, the forecast looks like it will be dry, but cold and windy.  So, Halloween At Glenwood Terrace […]

Find Out Where Halloween Candy Is Cheaper, Wal-Mart Or Dollar Tree

Most of us need to go buy some Halloween candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters, or to snack on themselves.  So, if you need to go buy some candy, which place […]

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