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The Evening Post: Everything Wrong With Twister In 15 Minutes Or Less

Happy 25th anniversary to the 1996 movie Twister.  25 years ago Twister came out into theatres, and I wanted to celebrate with this video from YouTube channel CinemaSins.  They document everything wrong […]

Animation Monday: Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Movie Trailer

Welcome to Animation Monday. Each week, we feature something in the animation and cartoon world. Animation has become a very popular format in today’s world, and Geek Alabama loves to feature animation […]

Science Mondays: Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster For Every Thrill

Welcome to Science Mondays. Each Monday, Geek Alabama will feature a video or article about the world of Science. Our goal is to feature science topics and make you smarter, and in […]

Sunday Discussion: The Longest Running US Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of

Welcome to Sunday Discussion. Each week, this post will feature a serious topic that needs to be featured and talked about. You can “discuss” it on your own social media networks as […]

Foodie Saturdays: Ordering Everything At The World’s Largest White Castle

Welcome to Foodie Saturdays. Each Saturday, Geek Alabama will make all foodies out there very happy when we feature a video or post all about food, eating food, or making food, let’s […]

The Evening Post: If Mom Was A Marvel Superhero

In time for Mother’s Day 2021, It’s A Southern Thing brings us Southern Marvels.  This superhero is The Marvelous Mom, and as you can guessed, it celebrates moms and raising children.  This […]

Good News Fridays: Giving $300,000 To Students

Welcome to Good News Fridays. Each week, this post features something good, wholesome, positive, and overall something great. We all need something good to read or watch on Fridays! Mr. Beast is […]

Geek Alabama Gaming: Pennywise Mod In Among Us

Welcome to Geek Alabama Gaming. Each week this post will feature gaming related videos and content. Gaming is red hot in our society, and people love watching others playing games! YouTuber SSundee […]

Disability Awesome: Musicians With Disabilities That Will Shock You With Their Talent

Welcome to Disability Awesome. Each week, this post will feature a person or persons with mental and / or physical disabilities who are doing awesome things! As someone with an disability, I […]

Trainscapes: Trains & Possums In Tallapoosa

Welcome to Trainscapes. Each week, we will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives! From a train park just for railfans, to an […]

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