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The Evening Post: Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Epic Rap Battles Of History

You knew this was coming, and this is wonderful!  Below, view the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Epic Rap Battles Of History!  You want to watch this!

The Evening Post: Real Lawyer Reacts To Idiocracy (The Movie)

Seen the movie Idiocracy?  If you have not seen this movie, maybe you should.  Because Idiocracy might be becoming an actual documentary y’all!  YouTuber Legal Eagle reviews many of the legal impacts […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Evolution Of Traffic (1890s ~ 2020s)

Here is a cool video showing the evolution of traffic from the 1890’s to today.  Yes, there is some video that exists way back to the 1890’s.  Also, you can see how […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment This Dog Meets His New Mom

From The Dodo, comes a great story about a sacred dog finally finding a loving and forever home.  This dog lost everything, and he was scared of the world. But when he […]

Watch This Dr. Anthony Fauci Interview From 60 Minutes

Remember everyone, all disaster movies begin with people ignoring science.  And with the out of control COVID-19 virus in the United States, one man has a tough job to study and help […]

Science Mondays: A Photo Booth Where My Dog Can Take Selfies Using Her Paw

YouTuber Simone Giertz had a idea where she could have her dog step into a dog-sized photo booth and the dog would be able to take a picture for Simone to enjoy.  […]

The Evening Post: Things Southerners Say On Covid Halloween

Yep, we are about to have Halloween 2020 in an pandemic.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us things people in the south might say about Halloween during COVID-19.

Sunday Discussion: Doctor Mike Day In The Life | COVID-19

Life as a doctor has been strange to say the least during COVID-19. Doctor Mike has spent a lot of time talking about our frontline healthcare workers from home, so today he […]

The Evening Post: Applying For A Southern Card

Can you name your BBQ type?  Or your college football team?  Yeah, you need to know stuff like that in the south.  It’s A Southern Thing parodies what it could be like […]

Foodie Saturdays: Trying Church’s Chicken Full Menu

A fast-food chain that got started and is popular across the south is Church’s Chicken.  YouTuber Timmy Timato, got just about everything on the Church’s Chicken menu, and tried them.  What was […]

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