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See The Inside Of An AC Adapter And My New Laptop Power Cord

I have had my Asus computer for about five years now.  The computer has gone through one hard drive crash, and one of the gadgets to hold the computer screen up is […]

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Follow The Black Friday Tailgaters On Twitter

Black Friday is almost here, and that means people have been in long lines just to be the first to get those good deals.  In Alabama, one group of people has made […]

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Xbox One vs. PlayStation Four, The Console Gaming Wars Are Here

Last week the PlayStation Four was released and people stood in long lines to grab one.  Sony announced they sold over one million consoles in the first 24 hours.  Best Buy sold […]

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Why Are Christmas Ads Appearing Before Halloween

We are a couple of days away from Halloween 2013, but that has not stopped some retailers from air Christmas commercials.  Yeah, most people are not even thinking about Christmas right now, […]

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Protect Your Private Stuff From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

I hope you have heard of this crazy story out of Tuscaloosa.  A University of Alabama art student has filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Best Buy and Geek Squad because some […]

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A Couple of Rants

On Wednesday my mother and I went to the Pelham Civic Center for a job fair hosted by Employment Seeker.  And we were both disappointed.   Many people turned out dressed professionally for […]

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