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The Luck Health Plan, Let’s Hope You Never Get On This Plan


The Onion did something weird.  They partnered with Get Covered Illinois to come up with an advertising campaign aimed at the Millennial age group.  They wanted to get the message out that 20 and 30-year-old young adults are not invisible.  And you need to get health insurance, even though you are fine today.  So, how to get that message across? They got five young adults, who are injured, because they signed up for a fake health plan.

The slogan for the Luck Heath Plan is “You’ll be okay. Probably.”  Let’s not rely on luck for your healthcare, shall we?  The deadline to enroll for healthcare is February 15th!  If you have not signed up, you need to at!  Well, watch the video below and learn more about the Luck Plan at:

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