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Got Milk Campaign Is Over / Family Friendly Films Dominating


Talking about two stories on this post.  One is about the end of an iconic advertising campaign.  The other story is about something that is no surprise!

Got Milk Campaign Is Over


The Got Milk advertising campaign is one of the most iconic campaigns you see.  Many celebrities and famous people have appeared on TV and print ads with that famous milk mustache and the iconic “Got Milk” slogan.  Sadly, the slogan Got Milk is being retired to the pasture, and something new is going to take its place.  The Milk Processor Education Program is trying something new to bring milk sales back up.  Which is kind of a surprise, because you need milk for cereal and other products.  But have you seen the prices for a box of cereal and a gallon of milk at the store, you can see why milk sales are down.

Instead of Got Milk, the new slogan will be “Milk Life.”  So this new campaign is going to be about how milk can be used in everyday life?  Here’s some ideas to bring up milk sales.  One, work with the cereal companies to bring down the prices of cereal.  If you go to the grocery store now, you see the outrageous prices for a box of cereal.  Even the store brand cereals are getting more expensive.  Without affordable cereal prices, why would anyone buy milk?  Two, people are wanting more varieties instead of drinking just plain white milk.  How about someone come up with a flavor enhancer just like what you have with water.  People could squirt a flavor enhancer into a glass of milk and stir.  And three, the media has done a good job of saying milk prices are going to double if a Farm Bill does not pass.  Show us how milk prices are coming down, and more people will buy milk.

Got Milk has been in use since 1995 and was first started by the California Milk Processor Board.  This same board has been using the Real California Milk campaign where they have milk cows doing some interesting things.  In the world we live in today, you not only have to create a commercial where people who stop the FF button on their DVR’s, you also have to create a commercial where it will go viral on the internet.  Yes, milk is a healthy drink for humans.  But unless more people knows about the benefits of drinking milk, milk sales will continue to stay slow.

Family Friendly Films Dominating The Box Office

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This is a story that should come as no surprise.  And this is a story that Hollywood needs to pay attention too.  Because Hollywood has seen lower ticket sales, and if they want to make more money, they need to make more family friendly films.  According to the 2014 Annual Movieguide Report and Ted Baehr, family friendly, patriotic, and religious films are earning more money at the American box office each year.  And this is a report the entertainment industry needs to pay attention too.  In 2013, 9 out of the 10 top grossing movies in the box office were family themed.  The movies included Frozen, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and others.

Films that have some Christianity aspects also do very well in the box office.  For example, Fast & Furious 6 had some references to Jesus Christ.  And movies without any sexual content and foul language do much better than movies which have sexual content and bad language.  Also in the study, movies with faith-driven, redemption-based themes in the top-25 category averaged $87.07 million at the box office, and those with a non-Christian worldview, like Grown Ups 2, averaged $21.64 million.  And here is something shocking, films that are not for kids, and don’t have any sexual content, do better in theaters.  Last year, Gravity earned $51 million, while We’re the Millers earned $24 million, and that movie has sex and nudity.

The study basically said what I have said all along.  That moviegoers clearly prefer the types of positive, family friendly movies with biblical and morally uplifting content.  The study also said that films with strong Pro-American, patriotic, moral and/or capitalist content or values, do better than films without.  This is why films like Captain Phillips and Iron Man 3 did well in 2013.  To sum it all up, if studio executives, filmmakers, actors, and stockholders wants to make more money they should adopt spiritually uplifting standards, theology and ethics.  And I agree 100% percent!

Although there is incentive to make more family friendly movies, there is another factor on why people are not going to the movie theaters, the ticket prices.  Ticket prices have sadly grown to overgrown proportions.  In my local theater, it’s $7 for a movie matinée and nearly $10 for a nighttime showing.  This does not include the prices for a 3D movie.  Then there are the concessions which are way too expensive.  It costs me $10 for a drink and popcorn, and that is for one person.  Can you imagine how much it costs for a large family to go see a movie in the theater?  If the box office and Hollywood wants to make more money, they need to make more family friendly films, and bring down the ticket prices.  If not, good luck Hollywood!

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