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Play Full Screen Mario Before It’s Taken Down


UPDATE:  Sorry, Full Screen Mario was taken down by Nintendo.

Are you in an office and bored.  Or are you a high school or college student who needs something fun to do on a computer?  Then I have a great classic game you can play!  But you might want to play it now before Nintendo sends a cease and desist letter.


Full Screen Mario was developed by college student Josh Goldberg as he created the Full Screen Mario site in HTML 5 so people could play the game in a web browser rather than on a games console.  But all good things sometimes comes to a crashing end.  Nintendo has been made aware of Full Screen Mario and has asked Josh Goldberg to remove the content saying it infringes its “intellectual property rights”.  As of today, the website and game are still operational.

Mr. Goldberg did not get permission from Nintendo to re-create the game, he began the project in October 2012 as a computer programming exercise.  But Nintendo does not tolerate their characters being used on anything.  And they have shut down other websites and YouTube videos featuring any Nintendo characters.  So if you want to play every original level of Super Mario Brothers and even make some customized levels, click the link below!

By the way, at the bottom of the site’s home page the site declares: “Mario, Super Mario Brothers, and all associated games and media are property of Nintendo and/or Nintendo of America Inc., and are protected by United States and international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.”  I wish Nintendo would lighten up and let people play this cool game!

If the site gets shut down, then grab the source code at:

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