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Only In Alabama, Throwing Canned Goods Can Stop A School Shooter


Yep, this is a story you will only see in Alabama.  And you won’t believe this!  Does throwing canned goods at a shooter inside a school stop that shooter?  Does throwing a can of beans stops the gun from shooting?  Does throwing a can of soup hurt the shooter and he will run away?  Do you really think throwing a can will stop a school shooter, heck no!  It will only cause the thrower to be shot!  And this is one of those “redneck” stories that you might only hear in Alabama.

So, who actually thinks throwing cans will stop a shooter?  W.F Burns Middle School in Valley, Alabama thinks so!  And it is a part of the ALICE method of school safety from the ALICE Training Institute.  ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.  And the mission is for kids to evacuate the school instead of sitting under the desks and be sitting ducks.  The middle school adopted the idea from Auburn University (War Eagle!), and yes there is a video from Auburn talking about ALICE.

So, the middle school actually sent home a letter to all parents.  The letter asks all parents to have their kids bring a 8 oz. canned food item to use in case an intruder enters a classroom.  Heck, at least the food items will be donated to a food pantry at the end of the school year.


The disturbing part, the letter says other schools are also using this method.  And you have to ask this simple and silly question.  Will throwing canned food stop a school shooter, or will it result in more kids being shot?  Well I guess we have found a new weapon in America, throwing canned foods can stun or knock out the intruder.  If a child had to go through an active shooter situation at a school, which I never wish on any child.  Will having a canned food item give the students a sense of empowerment to protect themselves and will make them feel secure in case an intruder enters their classroom?  I don’t think so!  The students are going to be scared, and I don’t think they will be thinking about throwing canned food at a shooter.

I am concerned about the safety of this school.  Seriously, throwing canned food at a shooter?  This will harm more kids at the end!  Maybe the school should concentrate on making the school more secure, like locking down all the outside doors, hiring a security guard, and securing the front entrance so no one can get past unless they are there for a reason.  Young kids would be too scared to arm themselves with canned goods!  What about special needs students?  Making kids feel empowered by holding a can of corn, it will only result in them being harmed, or worse being killed!  Only in Alabama!

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