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View The When I Was 22, 10 Life Lessons For Millennials Presentation

Are you graduating or about too?  Or do you know someone who is going to graduate from high school or college?  Now think about this. When you were 22, you were probably […]

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The Luck Health Plan, Let’s Hope You Never Get On This Plan

The Onion did something weird.  They partnered with Get Covered Illinois to come up with an advertising campaign aimed at the Millennial age group.  They wanted to get the message out that […]

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TV Reviews: #RichKids of Beverly Hills / Friday Night Tykes

This TV Reviews post is going to talk about two shows that have recently premiered.  Both of these shows should not even be on TV in my opinion.  And the sad part, […]

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The T-SPLOST Vote in Georgia

Today in Georgia is election day for municipal races.  But in the state another vote is taking place that could change the road landscape of Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  Voters in Georgia will vote […]

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