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What To Do If Your Computer Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

You should be able to trust that your internet connection will remain intact whenever you need it. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an important remote work task or an involved leisure activity and then being disrupted because your wi-fi signal momentarily disappears. Unfortunately, you may deal with this reality frequently. Resolve this dilemma by reading about what to do if your computer keeps disconnecting from wi-fi.

What To Do if Your Computer Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

Restart Your Network Devices

A good place to begin when you’re experiencing network problems is to restart your associated devices. This includes your computer and the router or modem unit you are using. After shutting these systems down, be sure to unplug their power cords as well and wait for about a minute or so. Then, plug the devices back in and activate them again. You may find that your computer is once again able to link to your wi-fi as normal.


Use Your Network Troubleshooter

If restarting your devices doesn’t work, you can try using the built-in network troubleshooter on your computer. For Windows 10, you can reach this by pressing down the Windows and R keys together. When the window pops up, type the word “control” into it and hit OK. Find and select the “Troubleshooting” link and within that, click on “Network and Internet.” You should then see an option labeled “Network Adaptor.” Select this and follow the actions that your troubleshooter prompts you to do. Finally, you’ll restart your computer and see whether this has helped.


Turn Off Power Management

Power management is a function in many computers that causes them to purposely shut down their wireless network adapters under certain conditions in order to conserve energy. The problem with this is that it can disconnect you from your wi-fi at inopportune times. In Windows 10, you can press the Windows and X keys together to access your Device Manager. In it, click on “Network Adapters” and go to the “Power Management” tab. There will be a box next to the phrase, “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” Uncheck that box to disable power management, then press OK.


Switch To Ethernet

A weak wi-fi signal could also be the result of interference from neighboring networks, other electronic appliances, and physical barriers. Despite doing the other procedures, you may still not be able to resolve your problem. Luckily, there is still something else you can do if your computer keeps disconnecting from wi-fi—you can switch to Ethernet.

Ethernet cables directly connect your computer to your router or modem, so those aforementioned factors no longer affect your internet strength. Start reading information on Ethernet networks so you can implement yours optimally. Internet sources that explain the different types of cables and cable hazards and detail the common Ethernet cable components, such as RJ45 connectors, will prove useful to you. You should easily be able to find a wealth of articles and videos on the subject that you can follow.

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