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The Luck Health Plan, Let’s Hope You Never Get On This Plan

The Onion did something weird.  They partnered with Get Covered Illinois to come up with an advertising campaign aimed at the Millennial age group.  They wanted to get the message out that […]

This Is A New Way To Sell A Home With A Rollercoaster

This is something cool!  Netherlands broker Verder met Wonen took prospective buyers on a Disney-worthy roller coaster ride.  You start in the garage, rise up to the first floor and tour it, rise […]

Why I Support The Honey Maid This Is Wholesome Campaign

So I think mostly everyone has seen the latest campaign online from Honey Maid.  The company has launched the This Is Wholesome campaign.  The campaign is about supporting the family structure, no […]

Got Milk Campaign Is Over / Family Friendly Films Dominating

Talking about two stories on this post.  One is about the end of an iconic advertising campaign.  The other story is about something that is no surprise! Got Milk Campaign Is Over […]

The Brilliant Fake Reality TV Show Campaign from Thirteen

These days, more and more channels are featuring cheaply made reality TV shows.  I mean, I like some reality shows, but I do feel like TV could use some more comedies, dramas, […]

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