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Wink Martindale Is Uploading Classic Game Show Clips


Do you love classic game shows?  I do!  It’s always interesting to see where classic game shows have come from like the classic games on The Price Is Right that you don’t see anymore.  Or the classic game shows that no longer air like Double Dare, Concentration, and Monopoly, yes there was a game show based on the board game Monopoly!  So, a classic game show host has started a new YouTube channel where he is uploading classic clips from your favorite game shows!  And he will continue to release new clips, as long as people subscribe to his channel.

You might know the person called Wink Martindale, who hosted game shows like Tic-Tac-Dough,  Bumper Stumpers, Trivial Pursuit, and more.  Now, Wink has started a YouTube channel where various clips of game shows and other features are being uploaded.  So, do you remember the game It’s Optional on The Price Is Right?

Or do you remember The Telephone Game on The Price Is Right?

How about the classic Price Is Right game The Shower Game?

How about an episode of the classic game Concentration?

And yes, here is a clip from the classic game show Monopoly.

If you want to enjoy more classic game show clips, subscribe to the Wink Martindale YouTube channel at:

Like the Facebook page at:

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