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Music Thursdays: Love Never Felt So Good, Air Review, Super Mariachi Bros.

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

On this Music Thursdays, I am featuring three videos that you should give you a great taste in a variety of music, and hold you over till the weekend!  The first video from Justin Timberlake is his new single called “Love Never Felt So Good” and it’s a Michael Jackson tribute!  The video features a lot of classic Michael Jackson clips and people dressed in retro clothing dancing.  It was a good video!

The second video from the Vimeo channel  is a music video made for the Dallas based band Air Review.  The video features the song “Young” and features a ton of classic clips and many different scenes, overall a wonderful job and a video you should watch now!

The third video from the YouTube channel MiticaStudios features a mariachi band playing music from Super Mario Bros.  The geeky/nerdy music was a gift from the bride to the groom, enjoy!

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