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Watch People Play On A Giant Monopoly Game With Real Money

Would you play on a giant Monopoly board with real money?  The YouTube channel MrBeast got four people to play a giant real game of Monopoly, with real USA money!  And this giant […]

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Wink Martindale Is Uploading Classic Game Show Clips

Do you love classic game shows?  I do!  It’s always interesting to see where classic game shows have come from like the classic games on The Price Is Right that you don’t […]

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Sunday Discussion: Why I Don’t Support The AT&T / Comcast Deals

I waited for this to happen today, and it became official today.  On Sunday afternoon, AT&T agreed to buy DirecTV for around $45 billion dollars.  It’s going to take about a year […]

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Why The United States Must Keep Net Neutrality

This week, net neutrality has been in the news.  The reason, people are scared that the end of net neutrality might mean internet providers could discriminate on certain websites.  One website like […]

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One Monopoly Token Is Biting The Dust Forever

  The results:  The iron goes and the cat comes in! Who loves the game Monopoly, you collect $200 every time you pass go.   You can laugh when your friends go […]

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