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Animation Monday: I Decided To Leave, Johnny Express, The Gold Sparrow, Food

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This week on Animation Monday, I am featuring four great animated short videos for you to enjoy!  The first video from the Vimeo channel  is about an unnamed man spontaneously quitting his office job one morning and finding himself in the midst of a series of strange adventures.

The second video from the Vimeo channel  is a Toy Story like animation where it’s 2150 and Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages.  Since Johnny likes to be lazy and sleep in his autopilot spaceship.  You know something is not going to go right when he deliverers a package, this was a good animated video!

The third video from the Vimeo channel  is the winner of the 2013 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival!  In The Gold Sparrow, three artists must fight to protect their color from The Gold Sparrow.  The short film was shot on a DSLR and then animated over at 30fps.

The last video from the Vimeo channel  is an animated documentary about what else, food!  The short film features food becoming animated and talking, it’s very weird, but cool to watch!

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