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Four Forrest Gump Parody Videos To Make You Smile


In Alabama, the most popular movie is not To Kill A Mockingbird or Sweet Home Alabama, it’s Forrest Gump.  Forrest Gump starred Tom Hanks as a mentally challenged man who goes on a lot of interesting adventures, from being on the Alabama football team, going to Vietnam, defeating China in ping-pong, working on a shrimp boat, and more.  So, in honor of this movie, I have found four recent parody videos from this classic movie!  The first parody video from the YouTube channel CineFix is Forrest Gump, in 8-bit form.  You see all of Forrest Gump’s adventures in the classic video game form.

The second video from the Vimeo channel  is a different parody version of the Forrest Gump intro.  This video is the Forrest Gump intro if Wes Anderson had directed it.

The third video from the Vimeo channel  is a re-imagined short version of the Forrest Gump intro, great animation work here!

The last video from the Vimeo channel  is the Forrest Gump theme song, played on a classic dot matrix printer, wonderful job!

This year is the 20th anniversary of the release of the Forrest Gump movie back in 1994.  I am sure we will be seeing a few more parody videos of this classic movie this year!

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