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Roadscapes Wednesday: Bad Drivers

Last weekend I caught a few bad drivers in the act along Quintard Ave.  This first bad driver had a green arrow to turn left but decided to stop in the middle because of a red light that does not apply to this driver.  If I had not pulled up to trigger the light that driver would have been sitting there for a long time.

Then along Quintard Ave. a car stopped in the middle of the left lane because of the backed up cars wanting to turn left.  This happens a lot on Quintard Ave.  If you are turning left off Quintard Ave. the red light does not apply to you.  When it’s clear you can go!  I have seen cars sitting there for over 10 minutes before they realize the light will not turn for them.

At this intersection.  You see two cars backed up and not going because the driver does not know to ignore the red light.  The red light is for traffic wanting to cross Quintard Ave.

The gray truck has a green arrow to turn left.  But the truck has to go into the lane going straight which might cause an accident.  All of this has got to be corrected!

I would put the lights in each intersection along Quintard Ave. in the middle so drivers turning left would not sit there for no reason.  I think you can agree this is one screwed up situation.  I am also including a bonus video showing a train around Walter Wellborn High School.  This was a good shot!

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