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Trainscapes: The Way It Was: Juice Train 1997

From YouTuber Distant Signal, comes a classic story about the juice train.  The Tropicana Juice Train was a famous operation for decades. Running from Bradenton, Florida to Tropicana’s distribution facility in Kearney, […]

Trainscapes: TRAIN vs TRUCK – A Message About Railroad Crossing Safety

In Villa Rica, Georgia, there was a 18-wheeler wreck where a Norfolk Southern train smashed into a 18-wheeler.  From YouTuber V12 Productions, comes an important message about railroad crossing safety.  Grade crossing […]

Trainscapes: Lake Pontchartrain Crosstie Replacement Project

Norfolk Southern maintains a very long railroad bridge over Lake Pontchartrain.  At 5.8 miles long, Norfolk Southern’s Lake Pontchartrain Bridge in Louisiana is the longest railroad bridge in the country and the […]

Trainscapes: A Grand Farewell To The Southern Railway Loops

The Southern Railway Loops in North Carolina is going to see a lot less train traffic.  From YouTuber Delay In Block Productions, comes a profile of these unique railroad tracks.  On May […]

Trainscapes: Union Pacific Big Boy: The Behemoth Train That Tamed The Rockies

Train fans love those classic steam locomotives.  And the Big Boy 4014 from the Union Pacific is a fan favorite.  So why was the Big Boy built by the Union Pacific?  YouTube […]

Trainscapes: Extreme Trains: Fastest Train In The USA

I love how The History Channel is uploading full episodes of their shows.  In this episode of Extreme Trains, you get to go behind the scenes of the Acela Express.  Running from […]

Trainscapes: What Happened To Tilford Yard

YouTuber Distant Signal went back up to Atlanta to see Tilford Yard, but what he saw three years ago was not the same today.  Most of Tilford Yard is gone, and it […]

Trainscapes: Four Train Morning In Decatur, AL Featuring A Caboose

You don’t see many cabooses traveling on a train anymore.  YouTuber freebrickproductions went to Decatur, Alabama and recorded four different trains.  It was a local meetup to chat and watch trains. While […]

Trainscapes: Take This Train And Shove It: Lake State Railway’s Saginaw Subdivision

From YouTuber Delay In Block Productions, comes an 45 minute video featuring a smaller railroad operating in Michigan.  Spend some time along Lake State Railway’s Flint Terminal and the Saginaw Subdivision.  Acquired […]

Trainscapes: The Indian Pacific: Australia’s Greatest Train – Sydney to Perth

The Indian Pacific is one of the world’s finest train journeys, carrying passengers on a three night, four day excursion, the full 4,352km across Australia between Sydney and Perth. This is a […]

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