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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Nighttime Shots

If you have been reading Geek Alabama for a while you know I am in a very worrying mood!  You get that way when you have been unemployed for 14 months and are trying to find your 14th job in seven years.  After the high school football games last Friday night I got back in that worrying mood and I wondered what to do next.  So I decided to walk along Quintard Ave. at 2am in the morning and take a few photos.  The quiet Quintard Ave. at 2am is soothing as you walk along the quiet highway.  I also like to watch the traffic lights turn and pressing the buttons to activate the ped signals.  The first photo is a shot of the downtown Anniston skyline from AL-202.  The rest of the photos are of various buildings and shots along Quintard Ave.

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