An Recap Of Annicon 2017 With Pictures And Video

Last weekend the Public Library of Anniston – Calhoun County held the 6th annual Annicon.  This event held at the Anniston City Meeting Center is free and is a diverse celebration of all things Asian including music, costuming, manga, anime, food, history, and cultures presented by the library.  But don’t worry, plenty of other geeky and nerdy things ranging from comics, gaming, cosplay, TV shows – movies, and more were also represented!

Before I get started, the local newspaper in Anniston did a small article and a few pictures.  What you are about to see blows away the coverage they did!  Yep, for someone like me who the newspaper does not like and deletes any comments I make on their social media, I think I did a good job!  And it does not require paying because I would never charge to access my pictures, video, and articles!  Being an Aspie rocks!

Yes, the folks who put together Annicon can use my pictures and video!

So, when I arrived I went to the event table where Hanrong Wang, who works as a librarian at Jacksonville State University, was painting people’s first names in Chinese writing!  So, here is what Nathan is like in Chinese!

Next, I took some shots of Chef Bob from Isshin Asian Cafe in Jacksonville where he showed how to make and roll and Asian favorite, Sushi!

Next, I took some shots of the Judo demonstration done by JSU Judo.

Next, I took some pictures and a short video from The College of Phoenix Rising.  An educational society focused on learning about and recreating pre 17th century European Culture.

Next, here are a few pictures from Dina Lawson who did a bellydance performance!

Next, it was time for the Annicon Cosplay Contest!  Here is a video and a lot of photos!

Next, here are some pictures featuring Asian artifacts from the Berman Museum of World History.

Next, here is photos and one song on video from the local band Guardian of Troy.

Next, I have video and lots of pictures of guest Caleb Hyles.  Caleb does cover songs of just about anything on YouTube.  In the video, I ask him a question about Facebook video and using other social media to promote your YouTube channel.  Also in the video, Caleb does cover songs from My Little Pony and Steven Universe!

Annicon also had a gaming area where you could play board games or take part in tournaments like the Super Smash Bros. tourney.

To wrap things up, Annicon also had the Tommy J’s J-Pop Dance Party!

And here are some general photos I took throughout the day!

Overall, the people at Annicon really had a good time.  The volunteers estimate around 2,000-3,000 people arrived for this free event!  Other guests such as John Swasey, Hillary Wilson, Veenacos, and more were great as well!  So, I will be back in 2018 to cover the next Annicon event.  Maybe I can hold a panel or speak in 2018?  We will see!

Learn more about Annicon at:

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!


Anniston Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast 2017

People turned out in droves for the 2017 Anniston Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at the Anniston City Meeting Center.  This event this year raised around $60,000 to provide low-income children with clothing and school supplies for the new school year in August.  Along with Kiwanis volunteers, Key Club volunteers from area high schools and Circle K volunteers from Jacksonville State once again helped out in the breakfast.

For more info. on the Anniston Kiwanis go to:  Enjoy the pictures and the video from the event!

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Pictures And Video From The 2016 Anniston Alabama Christmas Parade

picture1wrgwrg geek-alabama-christmas-2016

Here is another Christmas parade post!  This time its the Anniston Christmas Parade along Noble Street in downtown Anniston.  The parade had the Ohatchee, White Plains, Wellborn, and Anniston marching bands.  The parade also had The Donoho School and Faith Christian School featured.  The parade also had plenty of great floats, an Michael Jackson impersonator, an Elf impersonator, and much more!

Enjoy the video and pictures below!

Meet And Mingle: Jingle – Jingle Christmas Party 2016


I was invited once again to the Meet and Mingle: Jingle – Jingle Christmas Party 2016 in Anniston at the 127-year old Victorian Frye-Turner-Maury House. A good crowd came out to talk to other people and enjoy the many food offerings!  This year I brought homemade fried apple pies!  Yes, there will be a recipe post about those coming soon!  Here are some photos from the event, enjoy!

Come Out To Glenwood Terrace Halloween 2016


UPDATE: This is it, this will be the final post under the old look.  The new website is just about ready to go.  So expect all the pictures and video from Glenwood Terrace by the end of the week!

This has become an annual tradition where Geek Alabama comes out to the Glenwood Terrace neighborhood in East Anniston and takes plenty of pictures and video of the people who come out on Halloween night!  And for 2016, Glenwood Terrace is once again putting on one of the biggest Halloween trick-or-treating events in Alabama!  On Monday, October 31st, the streets of Glenwood Terrace will be closed off to vehicular traffic and the streets will be filled with the ghosts, goblins, and the other cool Halloween costumes worn by kids and adults!

halloween 128

Many houses along Glenwood Terrace also participate by giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters, or going all out and decorating their houses for the big night!  Also, roaming the streets will be a haunted horseman!  You might see a guy missing his head on horseback roaming up and down Glenwood Terrace!  The role of the headless horseman is played by horseman Craig Waldron, and as you can see, the kids love the headless horseman!

halloween 355

The trick-or-treating fun will begin at around 5 pm!  I will be out along Glenwood Terrace beginning about at 4:30 pm.  For 2016, be prepared for really warm temperatures.  Make sure you and your kids are hydrated before you head out.  The fun will last along Glenwood Terrace until around 8-9 pm.   Come out early, because Glenwood Terrace, and many surrounding streets, are closed down to traffic beginning at 4:30 pm.  And that includes Glenwood Terrace, Highland Avenue, and the intersecting streets, parking might become a hassle!

Glenwood Terrace is easily accessible off of Highland Ave. in East Anniston.  Just turn onto East 10th Street off of Quintard Ave, and drive to the third traffic light on top of a hill, and turn right!  You can park on any street around Glenwood Terrace but no vehicles will be allowed on Glenwood Terrace during trick-or-treating.  The entire thing is free! And you will get to enjoy kids and adults dressed up in their best Halloween costumes. Great ready, trick-or-treating is tonight, Monday!

Glenwood Terrace Map

See pictures from Halloween at Glenwood Terrace 2015 at: