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Amtrak And The LORAM Rail Grinder

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Over the past few months I have filmed a couple of trains going by in the Anniston area.  The first two scenes feature the Amtrak train going by at the Hunter St. and Noble St. railroad crossings.  But the third part of the video below is very interesting.  On Thanksgiving day the LORAM Rail Grinder train was smoothing out the rails along the Norfolk Southern line in Anniston.  The rail grinder takes care of typical problems encountered on all railroads include shelling, spalling, side wear, plastic flow, dipped welds, and corrugation and fatigue.  Rail grinding is considered the most effective maintenance practice to control the effects of rolling contact fatigue, to restore profile, and to maximize value from the rail asset.

Railroads everywhere are facing continued challenges of maintaining track in shortened work blocks and with limited resources. An effective rail grinding program is a key component to your maintenance plan.  The substantial return on investment from rail grinding is well documented and includes extended rail life, fuel savings, reduced surfacing cycles, extended track component like, reduced wear on rolling stock, increased axle loads, increased train speeds, and improved ride quality and passenger comfort.

Enjoy the video!

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