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Roadscapes Wednesday: Several Quintard Avenue Traffic Lights Are Still Malfunctioning

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This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I wanted to update the progress on the Quintard Avenue paving project, and the screwed up traffic signals.  Because they had to install ramps on the sidewalks and tear up the traffic light loops months before the repaving was done.  The repaving is finished!  And the permanent paint lines are going down.

roads 006

It looks like all of the traffic light loops were re-installed.

roads 001

BUT, all the lights are still not acting right!  For example, this light at 22nd Street is still malfunctioning.

roads 005

And the light at 17th Street is still malfunctioning.

roads 011roads 015

And the left turn signals at 18th Street, 12th Street, and 10th Street are still malfunctioning.

roads 008roads 021roads 035

So Anniston, when are you going to go to the boxes that controls the traffic lights and correct these problems?  Drivers have grown tired for almost a year now with mistimed traffic lights!  The lights are on a state highway, but I believe the city of Anniston maintains the traffic lights.  I mean, it’s not just the traffic signal loops being broken, there are several nearly burned out ped signals that needs to be fixed too!

roads 025roads 031

And sadly, some of the ped signals have been burned out for months, or even years!

roads 027roads 029roads 073

Come on Anniston, this is showing people that Anniston is some kind of run down city.  For the busiest road in Anniston and Calhoun County, this needs to be fixed ASAP!

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