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Trainscapes: Extreme Trains: Fastest Train In The USA

I love how The History Channel is uploading full episodes of their shows.  In this episode of Extreme Trains, you get to go behind the scenes of the Acela Express.  Running from […]

Trainscapes: Four Train Morning In Decatur, AL Featuring A Caboose

You don’t see many cabooses traveling on a train anymore.  YouTuber freebrickproductions went to Decatur, Alabama and recorded four different trains.  It was a local meetup to chat and watch trains. While […]

Trainscapes: Eastern Kentucky Coal Trains From 1991

Let’s go back nearly 30 years ago now for some early 1990’s train action.  In our time today, coal trains are on a sharp decline, but back 30 years ago, coal trains […]

Trainscapes: Started Out Switchin’, Ended Up Chasin’!

Danny from Distant Signal has a new video out profiling railroad switching and following an ethanol train.  Here’s another example of “You never know what you’re gonna get.” We got some really […]

Trainscapes: Trains Moving In Flood Water

Yes, as long as the flood water is not too deep, trains can move through flood water.  In these videos from the YouTube channel Runnin’ Eight, you first see a track foreman […]

Trainscapes: Lessons Learned From Working On A Historic American West Railroad

I love trains!  So when I saw this video from National Geographic, I definitely watched it!  Nat Geo went out to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.  Traveling for 64-miles along the border between […]

Go Inside The President’s Bulletproof Railcar

I love trains!  And before airplane travel became the faster and more convenient way for the president to travel, the Commander In Chief had to travel by train.  From the YouTube channel Tom […]

Trainscapes: Four Trains At The Anniston Train Station

So here is a new video where I went down to the Anniston, Alabama Train Station and took video of some passing trains including three Norfolk Southern freight trains and a Amtrak […]

Trainscapes: Norfolk Southern Still Blocking Anniston Alabama Railroad Crossings

Last week, a house burned in Anniston.  Firefighters could not get to the home quickly because Norfolk Southern had a train parked and blocking a crossing, for days!  No, this is not […]

Trainscapes: Winter 2015 Norfolk Southern Train Scenes

It’s been a while since I uploaded a video, and over the weekend I completed another train video!  This video features a Norfolk Southern train on a side track doing some train […]

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