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President Trump And The Republicans Are About To Screw Me

So, we all know that the “tax scam bill” currently going through Congress is going to pass.  It’s going to add over a trillion dollars to the deficit, and those in government are already saying that things are going to be cut.  Since this Summer, President Trump along with his budget director have said that they want to dramatically cut welfare.  And Trump has said right after the new year there will be proposals to severely cut all welfare including food stamps and Social Security disability which I am both on.

And many people are catching onto this, like I am.

With Trump and some in Congress saying those on Welfare do not want to help themselves or saying those on welfare make more than those working, I thought I would make a video talking about how much I really get, and talk about why President Trump and the US Congress are about to screw me, well enjoy the video I guess.

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