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View My Response To Trump’s Evil Bully Attack On Those With Disabilities

So, yesterday Trump put out his latest budget that would pretty much screw me.  I recorded a video talking about my response, and on Facebook it has become very popular!  I am […]

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President Trump And The Republicans Are About To Screw Me

So, we all know that the “tax scam bill” currently going through Congress is going to pass.  It’s going to add over a trillion dollars to the deficit, and those in government […]

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Sunday Discussion: Talking About The Freedom Caucus And Punishing Those On Welfare

This is a Sunday Discussion on a Tuesday!  Well, well, well.  I mean, what does the Freedom Caucus really believe in?  There are two house members from Alabama who are a part […]

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It’s Official, The Anniston/Oxford Metro Is In Deep Trouble

The Anniston/Oxford Metro has struggled over the past few years, mostly due to Fort McClellan shutting down and the job cuts at the Anniston Army Depot, BAE Systems, and other places.  Now, I […]

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Sunday Discussion: 2013 Alabama Legislature Last-Minute Bills

There are only three meeting days left in the 2013 Alabama Legislative session.  And I wanted to write this post to talk about some of the bills I want to see passed […]

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