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Music Thursdays: Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am / BTS – Dynamite

Both of these music videos are just too good, so I am featuring both.  Below, view “Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish from the American Music Awards and “Dynamite” by BTS from […]

Music Thursdays: Demi Lovato – Commander In Chief

Oh, I love this music video!  Watch below at Demi Lovato performs “Commander In Chief.”  I love how you see all types of people lip-syncing parts of the song.

Music Thursdays: The Love – Black Eyed Peas And Jennifer Hudson

I love this!  The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson made a new music video for the upcoming election called “The Love.”  Enjoy below!

Music Thursdays: Willie Nelson – Vote ‘Em Out

Yep, if you don’t like who is in there, vote ’em out!  Willie Nelson put out this animated music video about our upcoming election, which is going to be crazy.  Enjoy “Vote […]

Music Thursdays: Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

I mean, wow!  Billie Eilish knows how to perform!  Yeah, it sucks that the movie No Time To Die is delayed because of COVID-19, but at least we can listen to the […]

Music Thursdays: Lindsey Stirling – Til The Light Goes Out

Lindsey Stirling always comes out with some incredible music videos, and this one might be her best one yet.  Enjoy her newest music video titled “Til The Light Goes Out” below!

Music Thursdays: Chris Brown, Young Thug – Say You Love Me

This is a new music video that is all animated, and I guess this music video is asking you this question.  If you could go anywhere else and do what you want, […]

Music Thursdays: Finneas – What They’ll Say About Us

Finneas, sibling to Billie Eilish, has released a new music video titled “What They’ll Say About Us.”  Yep, lots of rain, and small pieces of paper flying around in this music video, […]

Music Thursdays: Taylor Swift – Cardigan

Taylor Swift has come out with a new album and new music videos!  Watch below to see Swift transport herself to a magical forest to sing a song with a waterfall piano.  […]

Animation Monday: Billie Eilish – My Future

With the Coronavirus pandemic stalling many video projects, why not make music videos animated?  Billie Eilish does just that in her new music video “My Future.”  The animation is beautiful and Billie […]

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