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The Evening Post: Donald Trump Leaves The White House | Spitting Image

There is this interesting TV / online series called Splitting Image from the United Kingdom, and this clip is just too good.  We all know Donald Trump will soon leave The White […]

The Evening Post: A Bad Lip Reading Of The First Presidential Debate Of 2020

I will admit, this is a way better version of the first debate than what we watched.  The folks from Bad Lip Reading presents us with a bad lip reading from the […]

The Evening Post: Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Epic Rap Battles Of History

You knew this was coming, and this is wonderful!  Below, view the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Epic Rap Battles Of History!  You want to watch this! Click to rate this post! […]

The Evening Post: SNL Biden Vs. Trump Cold Open

This was hilarious!  Saturday Night Live mocked the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  And Jim Carrey nailed his performance.  If you somehow have not seen this yet, watch it […]

The Evening Post: Donald Trump x REM – Losing My Civilians

Wow, I love this!  The YouTube channel PoliticsJOE decided to take the classic hit song from REM “Losing My Religion”, and twist it to the President Trump age.  Enjoy “Losing My Civilians” […]

Animation Monday: A Very Special Counsel Christmas

  I took the past few days off to refresh, and I am back!  We still have a few more Christmas related posts coming this week!  Below is a special cartoon made […]

Dr. Evil Went On The Tonight Show And We Need Another Austin Powers Movie

The last time a Austin Powers movie was released was way back in 2002.  And in today’s crazy culture we live in, we badly need another Austin Powers movie!  Until a fourth […]

Why I Have Been Mostly Ignoring The 2018 Winter Olympics With Tweets

So I want to be honest, I have mostly been ignoring the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  I am doing this mostly because of how divided the United States is.  […]

President Trump And The Republicans Are About To Screw Me

So, we all know that the “tax scam bill” currently going through Congress is going to pass.  It’s going to add over a trillion dollars to the deficit, and those in government […]

Five Reasons Twilight Sparkle Would Make An Better President Other Than Trump Or Clinton

So this happened.  As you probably already know, last night during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Melania Trump delivered a speech that had some lines very similar to an speech made by Michelle […]

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