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Nathan Young’s Special, Worrying, Video / Plus An Update on Things


Quick Update: I am already getting requests to cover stories and events from people.  Sorry to say this, Until further notice, I will no longer cover any stories or events for Geek Alabama.  Not until I get a job or capital (money) to move things forward and I find a way to pay the $500 I am behind on so my phone does not get cut-off.  Since the internet has been cut-off, I am walking six miles round trip a day and over a mountain to access the library.  With all of the followers on social media, I can proclaim that I have the highest social media followers, and on the verge of being homeless, how fun!

If you want to contact me, e-mail me at: [email protected].  On social media at: or on Twitter @nvyoung.  Or you can call me at 256-452-1565.  That is, until the phone gets cut off.

Today, I put together a special video that I want all of you to watch.  The video talks about my struggling times, please watch below!

So this week, I filled out even more job applications here in Anniston but guess what, all I got was rejection e-mails.  That’s becoming a familiar theme for me.  I have filled out around 425 job applications now since I became unemployed in August 2011.  And I went to 14 job fairs as well.  Every time my frustration level gets higher and higher because I feel like a forgotten person.  Is it because I am disabled and have Asperger’s Syndrome?  Is it because I am still overweight?  Is it because I am a clumsy person who breaks things and messes things up on the job?  Or is it because I will talk about problems if I see them and not keep quiet?  Yes, at times I have been a snitch in the workplace.

I really don’t have an answer.  But I know of something, the clock is ticking down toward zero before I leave East Alabama for good!  The reason I would leave, because of a lack of opportunities.  It’s not because of the people, businesses, charities, events, or other things.  It’s because there is really no hope to earn a living in East Alabama.  So that means the chances of leaving are growing higher every day.  Since I might have to declare bankruptcy because of lack of money and owing people money, I am doing some things differently now.  Cue the Wheel of Fortune bankruptcy sound!

So for now, I am going to be walking along Greenbrier Dear Road, Quintard Ave., and Noble Street between my apartment to the Calhoun-Anniston Public Library on most days since I must have internet access.  Each way is 3.8 miles and involves climbing a big mountain and crossing a 6-lane highway!  On the trip today, a car on Greenbrier veered toward me and almost ran me over.  While walking in the grass, I stepped into a hole and almost broke my ankle.  And of course, I have a couple of cars honking their horns at me.  Especially at the intersections with ped signals since drivers hate waiting at red lights.


Since money funds from my relatives are growing lower because of my situation.  Some people have suggested that I move.  Right now, the apartment I stay at costs $475 a month which is too high.  There are cheaper places to live that cost less and still includes water and garbage.  If I am going to move, I might as well leave East Alabama since the opportunities almost not exist!  By the way, most job programs around here are sending people to either Birmingham or West Georgia like Carrollton, GA because of how bad East Alabama is doing.

Some people have also suggested that I begin the disability process through Social Security.  This is something I really don’t want to do.  I mean, I have impressed many people with this blog since I started it.  But since no one will give me the chance to prove myself, I might not have a choice.  My only worry, it takes up to two years to get the process complete.  What I am going to do until I am approved?

muck rack stage 32

I have also joined some networks online.  One is called Muck Rack, which is service that tracks journalists and their social media use.  I have already filled out my profile and portfolio.  So maybe something comes from that soon?  The other online service is Stage 32, which is a global network for film, television and theater creatives.  I was invited to join this network because of my YouTube videos.  Maybe something will come from that as well?

Look, I can not continue to help other people from coverage on this blog without me getting some help.  Many people loves the coverage I provide on Geek Alabama, but I can’t continue to volunteer my money and spending my own money.  If I can’t get the help I need in my life, I would rather make sure that other people have a success!  Some people have suggested that I should take my photo and video making skills and start doing weddings.  Yes, it was cool when I covered a wedding at the Alabama Phoenix Festival!

Other people have suggested that I should partner with the local newspapers and TV station in East Alabama, then I laugh at that statement.  Because the newspapers in East Alabama consider me as competition and I have volunteered my time at TV 24 for the last three years without getting paid, no, I am not going back to TV 24 until they decide to pay me.  I think part of the problem is some people like to take advantage of my disability because I am different.  Sadly, many people with disabilities are taken advantage of by society, I have seen it with my own two eyes.  I wish society would treat people with disabilities with respect.  That means getting properly paid and treated right.  Many past employers never did that to me.

Whether I go the Geek Alabama route, the wedding route, or any other route.  It’s going to involve money.  I have gone through several major routes to find the capital (money) I need to move the blog forward by moving to, purchasing a new computer, and camera equipment.  But every time I try something, it’s like I have fallen on deaf ears.  I have tried grants, programs through the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, and any other means.  But nothing has happened.  I got a feeling that the only way something is going to change is a butler is going to hand me a silver platter with money or a job offer.


So let me repeat this, Until further notice, I will no longer cover any events for Geek Alabama.  I hope this is something I can lift within a few weeks, that is if someone would help me!  How can I continue to cover events, businesses, products, or anything else without having money?  Yes, if I had money, I would go out of my way to continue helping other people.  I would not mind paying for my own gas, car maintenance, and meals to cover things.  And you know what, this is what I would like to continue doing!

I am really worried about the near-term future.  Will I become homeless and be sleeping somewhere I don’t want too.  I hope not.  But someone is going to have to give me a chance.  First, I am behind $500, then I am going to need some capital or a job to move things forward.  But if nothing happens, the clock will hit zero and I will be moving away from East Alabama for good.  I hope the newspapers can cover you!

Since my mom will read this post, yes I need everything including washing machine detergent, dishwasher detergent, cleaner, shavers, deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, paper towels, and toilet paper.  And my power bill was at $96 last month.  Since I am home 24/7, that can run up a power bill.  At home, all lights are off during the day and the thermostat is at 75 degrees.  For most of the month, the old thermostat malfunctioned and I had to turn on the air conditioner manually.  The thermostat is fixed now.  You should see the leaks coming from inside the apartment now!

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