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An Update On Nathan Young’s Social Security Disability Process


Last September, I wrote how my process was going in the Social Security Disability process.  And I thought it was time to do another update, because I got this in the mail this week.


Yep, my hearing in the Social Security disability process is fast approaching.  But, there is another problem I might be facing.  I have worked with a local attorney (name withheld), and when we first met about one year ago he said I needed to be in treatment, and we needed to find medical documents.  Well, I have contacted other family and friends, and they could not find any medical documents.  As for treatment, I am super broke!  And even with a sliding scale, how can I pay around $100 a month for treatment?  And without reliable transportation, how I can get there with the trolley system not reliable?  It means I walk for miles to get around.


And since I do not have a phone, how can I call them to update them?  Yes, I did e-mail them but apparently they did not get it.  So, the letter had another e-mail address on it and I will e-mail them an update.  And here is the letter the local attorney sent me, all of the name and contact information has been blacked out.

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I read all of the stuff Social Security sent me, and I will send them back a letter saying I got the letter they sent me.  But, another thing I am thinking about is even if I get on SS Disability, will I be staying on there for long?  The reason why I say that is because there are several lawmakers and people in the US Congress who are wanting to reform the SS Disability program, and take people off who are not “truly disabled.” Yes, I have a mental disorder and should qualify for SS Disability, but will some doctor down the road say “I can work” and take me off the program?

I mean, when Rand Paul said “Over half the people in disability are either anxious or their back hurts.  Join the club. Who doesn’t get up a little anxious for work every day and their back hurts? Everyone over 40 has a back pain.”  I thought that was an insult to the people who are truly disabled, and needs the money.  Yes, I do believe there are people who are on SS Disability, who should not be.  But, when Congress proposes to slash the SS Disability program where funds will be cut 20% or more, is continuing the process even worth it?

For now, I say yes.  Even though I or other people can not find any medical evidence, it is still worth continuing with.  One option I have seen from Congress is something called supported work services.   It would take people like me through programs like vocational rehabilitation, if they did that, it would not work in Alabama, because the Alabama Voc Rehab system is pretty bad, and even worse now because the state is so broke and they can’t do much of anything.  And plus, I went through them twice, and had to appeal to Montgomery because not much was being done.

If there was better programs to keep me from going on SS Disability, let me know!  Because there is not much here in Alabama or the Anniston/Oxford metro area.  Another reason I am continuing on the SS Disability process, is because of the very bad economy here.  The Anniston/Oxford metro has one of the worst economies in the United States, and it’s about to get worse.  The Anniston Army Depot is laying off close to 200 people.


And Earthlink is laying off 241 people.


That’s around 500 people losing their jobs, when you include other side jobs being lost because people don’t have a normal income.  With reports coming out today saying 257,000 jobs were added in January, and wages went up 2.2%, it means most of the country is seeing better employment prospects, except here in Anniston/Oxford.  So, my mom e-mailed me wanting help to clean her big yard this weekend, and I will be going, and also having a chat at the same time.

If we go into the SS Disability hearing, and we are denied.  Does she continue to help pay my $500/month rent, while living in one of the worst economies in the United States?  Or, does she realize that I will have to move to find employment?  I mean, I am glad she is helping me pay the apartment rent, but living in one of the worst economic regions in America is not helping me or her, heck she was even laid off here in this area and lives and works somewhere else now.

And when says the Anniston and Gadsden metros has a high amount of people on SS Disability and profiling them, it means it’s because the economy is pretty bad around here.  Also, when says SS Disability in Alabama is an “shadow unemployment program” and Alabama is number 1 for unemployment when SS Disability is added in (unemployment is very bad in Alabama), what do I do?  So, I think we will have a serious discussion ahead with my mom this weekend.  Also, to the attorney who has worked with me, if you want to close my file, I thank you for working with me.  I am sorry I could not find any medical evidence to help you win my case.  I am sending a link to this post to the attorney working for me, thank you for reading it!

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